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Enable secure local internet breakouts and direct-to-cloud connections

The world has changed. It’s time for your network and security architecture to change with it.

Your network security is costing you more than it’s worth.

With more people working remotely, users and workflows are changing. Continuing to backhaul traffic to the data center is inefficient and costly, and forcing users onto VPN is slow and frustrating. Your branch security architecture needs to evolve to support cost efficiency and changing business requirements. Legacy architectures are expensive, complex to manage, and inhibit productivity and business agility.

The challenge of traditional network and security architectures

Traditional security architectures costs high

High Branch Costs

Branch offices shouldn’t be a financial drain in the new remote work reality. Hub-and-spoke architectures leave you struggling to keep MPLS and security hardware costs in check.
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Increased Complexity

Deploying and managing appliances at every location is time-consuming, leads to security compromises, and limits your ability to respond to changing needs.
Poor User Experience with traditional security architecture icon

Poor User Experience

Backhauling traffic to centralized security appliances that were not designed to handle cloud app demands leave users unproductive and unhappy.
Off-Network Users

Off-Network Users

When users drop off your network and VPN, your security policies go blind and risk increases. You need consistent protection no matter how users connect.

Enable agile and secure local breakouts with Zscaler

Zscaler helps you increase business agility, rapidly respond to changing needs, and secure your workforce, no matter where or how business takes place.

Built on a scalable, proxy-based architecture, Zscaler Cloud Firewall enables fast and secure local internet breakouts to secure all your cloud application traffic, all ports and protocols, while eliminating the cost of security appliances and reducing MPLS costs.

With a full security stack including Cloud IPS, DNS Security and Controls, and Cloud Sandbox, you can be sure your users have identical protection, no matter how or where they connect.

a diagram showing zscaler secures all connections while eliminating the cost of security appliances and reducing MPLS spend

What can Zscaler local breakouts do for you?

zscaler local breakouts reduce costs

Reduce Costs

Reduce MPLS costs and enable secure local internet breakouts that scale elastically—without security appliances—to ensure your branches are not a financial burden.
zscaler local breakouts increase security and agility

Increase Security and Agility

Rapidly respond to business needs by providing context-based inspection, real-time threat prevention and IPS as a cloud service, on all ports and protocols, even SSL.
fast, secure experience with zscaler local breakouts

Fast, Secure Experience

Enable a fast and secure user experience and business productivity with a SASE solution that optimizes DNS, TCP, and peering, and delivers inspection at the edge.
Zscaler local breakouts always-on security even for off- network users

Off-Network Users

Provide always-on security and identical policy for all users, devices and traffic, no matter where or how they connect to the internet.

What makes secure local breakouts with Zscaler unique?

zscaler cloud firewall provide elastic scalability without the cost and complexity

Elastic scalability without the cost and complexity

Local internet breakouts with Zscaler Cloud Firewall provide direct-to-internet connections that scale elastically, without any appliances to buy, deploy, or manage. See how >

zscaler cloud firewall brings security for all your users on- and off-network

Full protection on- and off-network

Cloud Firewall, along with our lightweight app, brings security close to the user to ensure consistent policy and protection for all your users on- and off-network, on any device, from wherever they connect—at headquarters, at a remote or branch office, working from home, or on the road.  See how >

Zscaler enables security with a proxy-based architecture

Proxy-based architecture

The best way to secure cloud apps is with a proxy-based architecture. Zscaler enables deeper context-based security inspection and real-time threat prevention for all web and non-web applications by dynamically inspecting traffic for all users, applications, devices, and locations. Learn more >

Zscaler cloud firewall delivers fast and secure user experience and app performance

Fast and secure user experience and app performance

Deliver a great user experience and uncompromised security. Cloud Firewall protects users from reaching malicious domains and provides granular controls to detect and prevent DNS tunneling. At the same time, it optimizes DNS resolution, TCP, and peering to ensure every user gets gets a fast and local connection and cloud application performance.  See how >

With Zscaler always-on IPS feature, you get the threat protection and visibility you need, no matter the connection type or location

Always-on IPS

With always-on IPS, you get the threat protection and visibility you need, no matter the connection type or location. Automatic scalability ensures you never run out of inspection capacity, so, you can natively inspect all user traffic, even hard-to-inspect SSL encrypted traffic. Learn more >

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We’ve greatly simplified our architecture by eliminating the cost and complexity of appliances.

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You cannot just transfer your traditional security tools and functionality and spin them up in the cloud. You need to make sure you have the right technology in place.

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