It’s time to rethink your network and security architecture

Zscaler helps you establish secure local internet breakouts and transform your network.

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Transform your branches and go direct-to-cloud

With Zscaler, it’s easy to shift from a hub-and-spoke to a cloud-enabled security architecture. All you need to do is direct your internet-bound traffic from your stores, branches, and remote locations to Zscaler and you’re protected. It’s that simple. No matter where your users connect, The Zscaler Cloud Security Platform is always inline applying policy and security  controls.


Fast and secure access to the internet and cloud apps for your users

By routing traffic locally, you can reduce your MPLS costs. And, Zscaler scales elastically to support applications, like Office 365, that require long-lived connections. So, you eliminate traffic bottlenecks and WAN latency, and your users get fast and secure access to the internet and cloud apps.

Leverage Cloud Firewall for granular policy control

Zscaler enables you to define and immediately enforce security and access policies for all locations from a single centralized console. With Zscaler Cloud Firewall, you can apply user- and application-aware policies to provide next-generation firewal capabilities – without the security hardware headaches.

Zscaler Cloud Firewall
  1. On guest Wi-Fi, allow only HTTP/HTTPS traffic
  2. Allow FTP for IT users only
  3. Block all P2P apps except Skype for Bus
  4. Allow access to dynamic IPs based upon FQDN

Global real-time visibility and correlation

The Zscaler admin portal gives you real-time visibility across all users, all locations, and all applications from a single console. And because Zscaler logs every session in detail, you can drill down to find out what applications are being used, where, and by whom with just a few clicks.

Zscaler Cloud Firewall Features
Bandwidth Control

Prioritize critical business apps with Bandwidth Control

You can prioritize mission-critical business apps, like Office 365, to limit the impact of streaming media, file sharing, and social media on business apps. Use granular rules to align your policies to business needs and help you identify bandwidth constraints before they impede your user experience and slow down your network.

zscaler network transformation

of departments use third-party cloud apps without approval from their IT team

Source: NTT Communications, 2016

Getting started is simple

With Zscaler, there is no hardware deploy or manage. By making Zscaler your next hop to the internet you’ll immediately simplify your IT infrastructure and reduce costs. And when you are ready, Zscaler will help you transform your network and optimize traffic flow.

zscaler diagram


Up-level your security and make Zscaler your next hop to the internet. It is fast to deploy and no infrastructure changes are required.

zscaler diagram secure


Remove point products and phase out enterprise internet gateway appliances at your own pace. Reduce cost and management overhead.

zscaler diagram transform branches


Cloud-enable your network. Secure SD-WAN / local internet breakouts, minimize backhauling and deliver a better user experience.

Optimize Your MPLS Spend

Learn how routing internet-bound traffic directly to Zscaler helps customers reduce MPLS costs, and deliver a fast and secure user experience for employees.

Zscaler enables secure local internet breakouts

Zscaler is a market leader in cloud security with more than 150 data centers around the world. With Zscaler, you can establish direct Internet connections for all your branches, without deploying security appliances. The Zscaler Cloud Security Platform routes your branch traffic locally and securely, and scales elastically to handle your traffic demands.

zscaler global data centers

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