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How Zscaler Can Make your

Work-from-Anywhere Program Successful and Secure


Enables secure access to all internal apps (DC, AWS, Azure) and external apps (SaaS, internet)

For a productive work-from-anywhere experience, your employees need the same level of security and unencumbered access to their applications as they have in the office. The challenge is that while VPN is required to access internal apps, users will turn off VPN when they experience any issues – sluggish performance or dropped VPN connections – and access the internet and SaaS applications without proper security controls in place. You can avoid that risk. Zscaler provides a seamless experience for remote users with no need to log in and out; instead, access is continuous regardless of changes to network connectivity, and security is enforced instantly in the cloud.

User Experience

Eliminates VPN improves security and provides a better user experience

Zscaler provides a modern approach to secure application access without the performance implications of backhauling traffic through VPNs, which can quickly become overwhelmed by surges in usage. With Zscaler, users connect locally to their apps through the Zscaler cloud, which is distributed across 150 data centers worldwide. Users are protected by comprehensive security and policy enforcement no matter where they connect. And once Zscaler is in place, you not only eliminate the high cost of scaling your inbound VPN gateway infrastructure, but you can begin to phase it out.


Gets employees up and running in days – not weeks or months

Zscaler is a 100 percent cloud service that’s fast and easy to deploy because there’s no need to install, configure, or manage appliances. Access is based on business policies hosted in the Zscaler cloud, and user traffic is forwarded locally to Zscaler through Zscaler Client Connector (formerly Z App), a lightweight app that can easily be distributed through MDM systems such as Microsoft Intune; for web apps, users only need a browser for access.

Zscaler integrates with identity providers to authenticate users and apply contextual access rather than relying on ACLs or IP addresses. App Connectors, which are small VMs, front-end internal apps and use inside-out microtunnels to connect a user to an authorized app. Zscaler handles all routing and load balancing so you don’t need to worry about scaling your infrastructure.

Multiple users

Keeps your employees and data safe from internet cyberthreats

Cybercriminals have been busy launching new malware, sophisticated social engineering campaigns, targeted attacks, and more, and they are well aware that there are many users working remotely that are usually on a corporate network behind a security perimeter. By moving security to a globally distributed cloud, Zscaler brings the full internet security stack (advanced threat protection, SSL inspection, DLP, sandboxing, remote browser isolation, and CASB) close to the user for a fast and secure experience. No matter where users connect, their security policy follows them.

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