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Make Collaboration Easy and Secure
for At-Home Workers

We’re being forced into the world’s largest work-from-home experiment and, so far, it hasn’t been easy for a lot of organizations to implement.


Microsoft Teams and Zoom are critical enablers of a productive at-home work experience. But having to rapidly scale a remote workforce will overload your VPN, and any chance of collaboration or productivity promised by these platforms will go along with it.

But that won’t stop your users from getting their work done. They’ll simply bypass security controls and go

Enable secure, fast access to your collaboration platforms – from anywhere – with Zscaler Internet Access

Collaborate faster

With 150 global data centers and optimized connections, Zscaler provides at-home users with a faster Teams and Zoom experience than they can achieve with VPNs or appliances.

Scale with demand

Leveraging a true SASE architecture, Zscaler provides unlimited bandwidth and inspection per user, even inside SSL, and easily handles latency-sensitive applications.

Better security

No matter the connection or location, the Zscaler cloud follows every user and device, and protects sensitive data from being exposed to the internet.

Quick deployment

Zscaler can be deployed in minutes and configured with ease. There are no firewall rules or ACLs. You just point user traffic to the Zscaler cloud, and we’ll do the rest.

What does Microsoft recommend for the fastest collaboration experience?

Solutiom office 365

1. Egress Office 365 connections locally

Zscaler global data centers deliver fast local connections for video and collaboration, and we peer with Microsoft to provide users with the shortest route to their apps and services.

2. Avoid Office 365 hairpins

Secure Office 365 and Teams connections for at-home workers without the need for backhauling or site-to-site VPNs.

3. Differentiate Office 365 traffic

Zscaler Bandwidth Control improves productivity by prioritizing critical collaboration traffic over less-essential user traffic.

I’m thrilled to see some of the largest enterprises including Sandvik, Siemens, and GE use Zscaler and Microsoft to deliver fast and direct access to Office 365, as well as applications running on Azure.


Satya Nadella


Why a global cloud architecture increases user productivity

No matter where they’re working, users simply want to get to their apps quickly.

With Zscaler’s multitenant architecture distributed across 150 data centers, your at-home users in London can get to Teams just as quickly as those in Dallas or Tokyo.

Zscaler 100% cloud services are based on the secure access service edge (SASE) model, bringing apps close to users for a fast experience, and the platform is massively scalable to handle surges in traffic without affecting performance.

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Zscaler can help you ensure business continuity

To maintain business continuity, organizations must be able to swiftly adapt to changing global conditions. In response, Zscaler has developed a program to help organizations enable an at-home workforce with fast, secure, and reliable access to all applications in days.