Zscaler + VMware SD-WAN

Redefine your network with secure SD-WAN

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To fully embrace the possibilities of cloud and SaaS, you need to devise new ways to rapidly and securely deliver business applications and services. Zscaler, together with VMware, do just that by combining cloud security and SD-WAN to enable secure local internet breakouts. This secure SD-WAN architecture increases business agility and reduces costs without compromising on reliability, security, or compliance.

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Zscaler and VMware SD-WAN
Enabling secure SD-WAN and local internet breakouts



Zscaler and VMWare enable local internet breakouts to ensure faster response times, providing a secure, dramatically improved experience for all users, whether they’re connecting from a branch or corporate headquarters.



With Zscaler and VMWare, SD-WAN security is provided as a cloud-delivered service, so all users in all locations get identical protection—including access control, threat prevention, native SSL inspection, and data protection.



Zscaler and VMWare simplify branch IT operations and make it easy to rapidly deploy new locations and services, with cloud-controlled, centralized security and WAN management.

SASE made simple, agile, and secure

Zscaler and VMware SD-WAN enable you to adopt a SASE framework that lets you securely connect any user to any application—across any location. Automated provisioning simplifies operations by allowing you to deploy new branches and security services simultaneously. Together, Zscaler and VMware SD-WAN deliver breakthrough agility for users and IT, alike, while lowering total cost of ownership. 

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“The combination of VMWare and Zscaler technology enabled us to greatly improve user experience and allowed users to be more flexible and work from anywhere and still have the same protection as they would have in the office.”

- Erik Beekhuizen, Project Manager Stolt-Nielsen

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“We liked the integration between Zscaler and VMWare...Zscaler was a perfect solution given our business strategy.”

- Harrison Lewis, CIO, Northgate Gonzalez

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“Working with VMWare and Zscaler, we were able to reduce application latency by 20 percent while having high-value security available from anywhere, anytime, anyplace on any device.”

- Ed DeGrange, Principal Security Architect, Ciena

A message from VMware

Pat Gelsinger,
CEO VMware

Integrating with Zscaler to deliver SD-WAN security and fast access to the cloud

Sanjay Uppal, VP and GM of VMware SD-WAN Business Unit

Integrating with Zscaler to deliver SD-WAN security and fast access to the cloud

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