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Why seventy percent of organizations are adopting zero trust

The entities across your business ecosystem—your employees, applications, data, partners, suppliers, servers, and even customers—are all connecting to each other over the internet. Such always-on connectivity is great for speed and agility, but it’s toppling 30 years of IT networking and security technology.

Enterprises need a new approach, and it starts with zero.

The Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange makes the internet a safe place to do business by securely connecting any user, device, and application, regardless of location.

Learn how the Zero Trust Exchange securely connects any entity across the enterprise
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Building on zero with new platform capabilities

Enhancements in the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange platform expand your ability to bring zero trust to your environment, while protecting against threats and data loss and simplifying policy creation.

Extend zero trust to all users

Extend zero trust to all users

Zscaler ZPA Private Service Edge is the only cloud-native solution that spans cloud and on-premises environments. It delivers a great user experience, simplifies management, and reduces the risk of data loss.

Prevent web-based attacks

Prevent web-based attacks

Integrated Cloud Browser Isolation enables users to access any webpage without allowing active content to reach the device. These capabilities ensure that attacks, such as ransomware, and attempts to exfiltrate data do not impact endpoints or targeted users.

Simplify policy creation

Simplify policy creation

New APIs automatically create policies for apps and users, while machine learning allows for auto-segmentation of application workloads. These innovations accelerate policy-making and simplify microsegmentation.

Get empowered

Take advantage of tools designed to help you succeed in your zero trust journey.


REvolutionaries IT Exec Forum

A new online CXO community for IT leaders to learn and engage with peers

Zero Trust Academy

Zscaler Zero Trust Academy

Our new zero trust certification program for training IT practitioners on zero trust best practices

Accelerate your zero trust deployment

Use the jointly validated designs we’ve developed with our zero trust partners to simplify and speed your zero trust adoption.

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