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NotPetya, but Bad Rabbit - This week in cybersecurity

October 26, 2017 - 2 min read

Infrastructure for the ‘Bad Rabbit’ Ransomware Appears to Have Shut Down

A new ransomware attack that has commonalities with WannaCry NotPeya is reportedly hitting organisations in Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Bulgaria and Germany. Most of the servers and sites used by the hackers behind the ransomware are down just a day after the outbreak started.

Reaper, a massive new botnet, is a cyberattack waiting to happen

Reaper is on track to become one of the largest botnets recorded in recent years — and yet nobody seems to know what it will do or when. But researchers say the damage could be bigger than last year's cyberattack.

Nearly undetectable Microsoft Office exploit installs malware without an email attachment

Security firm Sophos uncovered a zero day exploit that targets a 24-year-old data exchange protocol, and it can be used to silently attack machines with very little means of detection. 

Cosmetics Brand Tarte Exposed Personal Information About Nearly 2 Million Customers

Tarte Cosmetics, a cruelty-free cosmetics brand carried by major retailers like Sephora and Ulta, exposed the personal information of nearly two million customers in two unsecured online databases.

Kaspersky code review doesn’t solve the spying problem

Earlier this month, a report in The Wall Street Journal says that hackers working for the Russian government used Kaspersky's Anti-Virus software to steal documents from a contractor's computer. The company denies any involvement, and plans to open their software up to review in order to prove it's safe. But the former Deputy Director of the National Security Agency says this doesn't address the underlying issue.

U.S. warns public about attacks on energy, industrial firms

The U.S government issued a rare public warning that sophisticated hackers are targeting energy and industrial firms, the latest sign that cyber attacks present an increasing threat to the power industry and other public infrastructure. 

Hackers scanning for unsecured SSH private keys on WordPress sites

Lack of key security allows criminals keys to the kingdom after scanning 25,000 systems per day to find unsecured SSH private keys.

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