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Mergers, Acquisitions, and Divestitures with Zscaler

Transform at the speed of your business

a diagram showing how with zero trust exchange, you can transform at the pace of your business

How Zscaler helps

Securely accelerate M&A and divestitures

Don’t let integration or separation complexities get in the way of your competitive advantage. Modernize your M&A/D playbook with our software-delivered zero trust approach to enable fast, cost-effective, and risk-managed transitions to keep your business moving at the speed of the deal’s value.

Meet changing needs in changing times

Business is shifting, with unprecedented M&A/D activity worldwide. All the user, process, resource, and infrastructure complexities involved mean it’s no easy feat to pull off a smooth transition, let alone maximize the value of the deal. To minimize risks and keep everything running smoothly, you need the scalability and performance of a pure cloud platform to provide connectivity, consistent security, and a great user experience—and you’ll need them fast.

Securely accelerate M&A and divestitures

We’ve helped more than 350 organizations perform IT integrations or divestitures confidently, securely, and quickly. With our unique approach to zero trust, we’ll help you:

Accelerate your time to value icon

Accelerate your time to value, bringing your deal value/synergies agenda to the forefront and aligning business demands for maximum value capture

Mitigate and control your risks icon

Mitigate and control your risks by keeping your shields up, even when connecting cross-organizational assets and users

icon for Optimize costs and simplify integration/separation projects

Optimize costs and simplify integration/separation projects by transforming them into simple, predictable onboarding or offboarding processes

Increase your business agility icon

Increase your business agility by enabling you to execute and close more deals, more quickly

Nobody can deliver it faster. With the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange™, you’ll be able to streamline your IT M&A/D playbook and continue to manage, execute, and innovate your business strategy 50% sooner.

Read about our approach to M&A

Industry perspectives on obstacles to achieve successful mergers


Deals experience technology integration issues

(Source: Bain & Company)


Overall cost synergies attributed to IT function

(Source: Deloitte)


Increase in cyberattacks during M&A

(Source: McKinsey Insights)

Zscaler customers can overcome these challenges


Acceleration in next M&A integration / divestiture

(Source: Zscaler customers)


Reduction in IT infrastructure M&A integration / separation costs

(Source: Zscaler customers)


Reduction in integration / separation risk

(Source: Zscaler customers)

Streamline M&A and divestitures with Zscaler

a diagram showing Streamline M&A and Divestitures with Zscaler

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