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Prioritizing the Customer Experience

January 02, 2020 - 4 min read

In this cloud and mobile-first world, digital transformation has become essential for enterprises to remain agile, innovative, and competitive. These organizations revolve their processes and systems around empowering their users and customers to do their best work. Therefore, providing them with secure, reliable, and fast access to applications and services is a top strategic IT priority. Zscaler is core to this strategic initiative as we bring security closer to the user for complete protection. Our security platform, built for the cloud, prioritizes a fast experience and secure access to help enterprises empower their teams to be more productive and agile.

As I reflect back on my year at Zscaler, our company has gone through its own digital transformation — keeping customers at the heart of everything we do, from marketing to sales to customer support. Customer obsession is one of the key pillars of our core values, and we are transforming our internal teams and processes (from marketing and sales to customer support) to deliver fast, personalized customer engagements.

Customer-Centric Approach

To build a world-class marketing organization, understanding the customer and the buyer journey is critical; but, creating personalized engagements is paramount. Therefore, we transformed part of the marketing organization to focus on creating meaningful, customized engagements throughout the entire customer journey — from the first interaction until after becoming a customer.

To achieve these goals, our product marketing managers talked extensively with customers to better comprehend their top business concerns, as well as their outside interests, so we can understand more fully how to communicate with them.

We then put a team together to personalize our customer engagement at different points during the customer journey. One of our core values is customer obsession; therefore, we wanted to make sure that delighting our customers happened not only when they became customers, but also in every interaction they had with us. We also put in a welcome and onboarding kit, so our customers feel that they are part of the Zscaler family and receive quick access to needed information.

Transforming Sales

Our sales organization has also transformed to drive more value to our customers — solving for business challenges while understanding and leveraging our unique capabilities. Led by President GTM Dali Rajic and our new sales enablement team, our sales organization implemented a new sales process, new go-to-market framework, and built a world-class training program, including a sales and leadership development blueprint, to help fast-track success and careers for our team. 

We've also launched new development programs on the customer persona so that reps have a deeper understanding of how to help different customers solve for specific outcomes. The goal is to become true partners with our customers and be the catalyst for their cloud and security transformation, leveraging the full power of our unique platform.

Transforming Customer Services

Sunil Wadhwa, Senior Vice President, Global Customer Services, has driven transformation within the customer services organization by focusing on three top initiatives:

  • Deliver ease of deployment and best practices
  • Enable customers to operate better
  • Streamline the time customers spend troubleshooting

The team is implementing built-in automation to ensure a response within the first few minutes of an open ticket. We automate the routing of each case to the right person with the right skill set. This ensures that the person responding to an open ticket has the expertise to answer and resolve the specific customer question at hand.

Our new support portal case-submission process has been simplified and provides better visibility. Also, customers can only submit a ticket after authentication, making data more secure and GDPR compliant.

Finally, we've evolved from advisory services to full deployment services. With the option to advise, configure, optimize, and manage deployment, we can better help customers when they get "stuck" in their cloud transformation journey.

The proof is in the pudding, as they say. Out of a billion transactions, Zscaler generates an average of 2.9 help desk tickets — down from an average of seven tickets just seven years ago. 

I'm proud to be at a company that helps organizations put their people first and continuously seek ways to do the same in their own customer relationships. Across multiple departments, Zscaler has put programs and processes in place that enhance the experience we provide our customers. The team and I look forward to continuing this commitment as we move into the new decade. We all wish you a happy new year!

Micheline Nijmeh is the Chief Marketing Officer at Zscaler

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