Zenith Live 2020 Session Spotlight: “Defending the DoDIN, One of the World’s Largest Networks”

Zenith Live 2020-6

Protecting one of the largest, most complex, and most-frequently attacked IT infrastructures in the world? It's just another workday for William Robinson, U.S. Army Chief Technology Officer G6. Robinson and team oversee the Department of Defense Information Network (DoDIN), which serves the entire U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), one of the largest federal organizations in the world.

Federal government agencies aren't always renowned for progressive, forward-thinking approaches to cybersecurity. But Robinson's secure digital transformation strategy quickly dispels that notion, at least in his case. He is leading the Army’s digital transformation efforts to ensure secure connectivity across the Department of Defense.

The DoD has multiple levels of service and multiple levels of leadership, all defending against the most complex attacks—cyber and "other"—in the world. For Robinson and the DoDIN, digital transformation meant a shift to the cloud, and away from costly, unscalable point products. But it was clearly the best strategy to modernize and maintain an IT infrastructure as unique and vast as the DoDIN. Robinson worked (and continues to work) with a diverse ecosystem of partners in industry, academia, and other government agencies to ensure DoD stays ahead of cyber threats. Ultimately, a zero trust approach was found to be the most effective for securing the DoD's globally-dispersed (very globally-dispersed) workforce.

Robinson will share the U.S. DoD digital transformation story at Zenith Live 2020. He'll join me in a Fireside Chat along with Patrick Perry, the Zscaler Director of Emerging Technology for DoD/IC, himself a United States Armed Forces veteran of 22 years, working in IT Architecture and Integration with a number of organizations, including Special Operations Command.

This year, every seat’s in the front row as Zenith Live 2020 goes online and free. But space is limited. Register now at

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