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Zero Trust Success Stories from the Real World


The cloud and hybrid work world is here to stay. Long gone are the days of castle-and-moat security architectures. Perimeter-based security worked when users, apps, and data were all on premises, but that is no longer the case. This legacy security approach ends up expanding the attack surface and enabling compromise, lateral threat movement, and data loss, while increasing complexity, administrative burden, latency, and, ultimately, cost. These are significant drawbacks for any organization, but particularly so for small- and medium-sized enterprises that have to maintain security with fewer resources than larger corporations. 

As such, modern organizations need to embrace a zero trust architecture. There is a myriad of benefits when security adheres to the principle of least privilege access, is decoupled from the network, and is delivered as a service from the cloud. With Zscaler, customers gain unrivaled zero trust security as well as greater economic value than they could with standard, perimeter-based security solutions. As an example, one company that deployed the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange bolstered its security by 90% while reducing its costs by 70%. Below, one can learn the key benefits for which small to medium-sized businesses leverage our platform, and see relevant proof points from actual Zscaler customers. 

Cyberthreat protection

With Zscaler, apps sit behind the Zero Trust Exchange so that they cannot be found or exploited, minimizing the attack surface. Full inspection of all traffic (including encrypted traffic) and real-time policy enforcement prevent compromise. Users and apps are connected directly rather than to the network as a whole, which stops lateral threat movement. At the same time, AI-powered cyberthreat detection and prevention block the most advanced, zero-day threats wherever they may strike.

As a result, one Zscaler customer, a high-tech company, was able to reduce the number of attempted malicious connections by 50% while also reducing operational complexity. Another, a global manufacturing firm, automatically blocks over 6,000 threats each month while receiving millions of dollars worth of security expertise.

Data protection

Zscaler Data Protection delivers inline inspection that stops exfiltration in real time (even in encrypted traffic), as well as out-of-band scanning that identifies sensitive cloud data at rest and revokes risky sharing automatically. Agentless browser isolation streams data as pixels to unmanaged devices to prevent theft while enabling productivity. Posture control automatically finds and fixes cloud misconfigurations and excessive permissions that expose data. 

With Zscaler, a financial services customer easily achieved 100% SSL inspection to prevent data leakage via the internet. Additionally, a government agency using Zscaler is now able to maintain compliance with international, national, provincial, and local mandates by protecting regulated data wherever it goes. 

Securing hybrid work

The Zero Trust Exchange offers a cloud-delivered approach to providing employees with fast, seamless, zero trust access across the entire business ecosystem, regardless of their location. Unlike legacy tools–like VPN–that backhaul traffic, harm user experience, put users on the network, and increase risk, Zscaler extends reliable, policy-based access directly to external and internal apps—with superior cyberthreat and data protection enforced. 

Because of Zscaler, a manufacturing customer was able to retire VPN and improve application performance while saving 70% on costs. Another customer, a real estate company, secured remote work while improving user experience, and deployed the solution three times more quickly than expected to four times as many users.

Optimizing digital experiences

Zscaler delivers end-to-end visibility into end-user performance issues for any user or app anywhere. This streamlines troubleshooting and overcomes the challenges of disjointed endpoint and network monitoring tools that leave blindspots. Inline visibility into user traffic allows admins to quickly identify and fix issues before they impact workforce productivity. Optimizing digital experiences with Zscaler enhances efficiency for end users and admins alike. 

A transportation services customer of Zscaler’s was able to enhance user experience and improve issue resolution time by 62% while cutting costs by 55%. Similarly, a leading telecommunications company that deployed Zscaler was able to cut help desk tickets by 50% and application latency by 20%.

Want to learn more about the security, productivity, and economic benefits that actual mid-market customers of Zscaler have achieved by deploying the Zero Trust Exchange? Download our ebook about real-world zero trust success stories. 

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