Zero Trust Data Protection with Microsoft AIP

Simplify the protection of sensitive data with Zscaler and Azure Information Protection

Protecting Microsoft 365 documents has never been more difficult

With remote users surfing the web and sharing your data, it’s never been so crucial to secure sensitive documents. To prevent data breaches, you need to maintain complete visibility over your data with a streamlined approach that doesn’t complicate your Microsoft 365 deployment.


Why Zscaler for Microsoft 365 data protection?

Zscaler Cloud DLP is a simple, powerful way to secure all your sensitive Microsoft 365 documents. Through seamless integration with Azure Information Protection, you can protect all your data with ease, inside and outside your organization—unlike complex legacy approaches that can’t follow user data.

With the Zscaler and AIP integration, you can:

  • Enforce AIP tags on unlabeled sensitive data
  • Block AIP tagged documents from leaving your organization
  • Find mislabeled documents and enforce proper AIP tagging

Prevent sensitive data loss with AIP tags

Enabling users to tag documents in Microsoft 365 is powerful, but without inline blocking, you’re opening yourself up to data loss.

With Zscaler and AIP integrations, you can block documents with key AIP tags. Zscaler Cloud DLP learns your AIP tags so you can:

  • Block specific AIP tags defined in your policies
  • Inspect all traffic on and off your network, including TLS/SSL, with unlimited scale
  • Secure your sensitive AIP data, with user notifications when blocks occur

Enforce AIP tagging on unsecured data

When users apply incorrect AIP tags—or forget to apply them—to sensitive documents, it can leave your data with inadequate visibility and protection.

Zscaler and AIP integrations ensure AIP tagging is properly enforced to give you complete visibility. Once Zscaler learns your AIP tags, you can:

  • Scan data at rest in Microsoft 365 with Zscaler CASB, based on your policies
  • Quickly identify unlabeled sensitive data and enforce AIP tagging
  • Find mislabeled sensitive data and enforce correct AIP tagging

Ready for better data protection?

Keeping all your data safe in the work-from-anywhere world requires a unified solution designed for distributed data and cloud scale. Discover a better way to secure all your data, wherever it goes.

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