Microsoft 365 and Zscaler. Better Together


Zscaler for Microsoft 365 has been designed from the ground up to provide fast, secure access and an exceptional user experience.


Identify and prioritize Microsoft 365 traffic

Understand which apps you’re using and how much bandwidth they consume. This is the traffic you must optimize separately from other traffic.

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How Zscaler Helps

Zscaler one-click configuration automatically optimizes your M365 traffic. Built to work seamlessly with Microsoft 365 endpoint web service, Zscaler automatically gets updates on Microsoft cloud changes and allows you to prioritize all M365 traffic through the Zscaler cloud.


Egress network connections locally

Send all your Microsoft 365 app traffic directly to the internet locally and don’t route it through a central gateway.


How Zscaler Helps

The Zscaler platform enables fast, secure M365 access using direct internet connections. You improve application performance and the user experience by avoiding the added latency of backhauling and hub-and-spoke networks. And with local DNS, Zscaler always enables the fastest connection for users globally.


Assess bypassing proxies

Microsoft recommends not sending M365 traffic through your security appliances. This can trigger costly throughput upgrades, increase latency, and hinder performance.


How Zscaler Helps

Per Microsoft’s recommendations, Microsoft 365 shouldn’t be inspected. However, with Zscaler, you get control over traffic flows, app usage and traffic prioritization. And with the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange, you get airtight security for the rest of your internet traffic over your direct connections.


Avoid network hairpins

Make sure your remote users go directly to Microsoft. VPN hairpins for access and security add far too much latency, resulting in poor performance and unhappy users.


How Zscaler Helps

Zscaler Client Connector enables remote users to go directly to Microsoft, without having to VPN back to a hub-and-spoke architecture. This provides the fastest path to Microsoft and enables the best application performance.


Deploy in minutes. No hardware or expertise needed.

With Zscaler one-click, customers can deploy Microsoft 365 far quicker than more complex traditional methods. The Zscaler Cloud automatically provisions Microsoft 365 connections, and direct peering with Microsoft around the globe always delivers the fastest connection. With no hardware or administration requirements needed, organizations can easily deploy thousands of locations in no time!

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