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Zscaler Secures AutoNation’s Drive to the Cloud



Location Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with more than 360 new and used car franchises

Industry Retail automotive

User count 26,000

Zscaler products Zscaler for Office 365 , Cloud Sandbox , Next-Generation Cloud Firewall

The visibility and control offered by Zscaler allows us to make smart policy decisions that improve our users’ experiences while allowing us to ensure we are appropriately managing our risk environment.

- Ken Athanasiou Chief Information Security Officer AutoNation

With 360 locations, the company had a choice: build security stacks in 360 locations or move security to the cloud

Like many organizations, AutoNation found that most traffic in its retail locations was internet bound, particularly as the company began using more cloud services. Securing that internet-bound traffic for 360 locations presented a potentially costly challenge, and so did the fact that each of the 30 car manufacturers AutoNation supports has slightly different connectivity requirements, especially concerning internet-connected diagnostic systems.

With Zscaler, AutoNation is protecting and controlling all internet- and cloud-bound traffic. With Zscaler, policies can be applied for various uses, such as guest Wi-Fi and diagnostic devices, and corporate policies can be managed from a central administrative console. All without building stacks of iron in each store.


  • Initial rollout was two to three months, will full deployment in less than a year
  • Fast internet with strong standardized security in all locations—without hardware spending
  • Detected and stopped the use of BitTorrent and similar services, cutting about 500GB per month of P2P file-sharing bandwidth out of the network
  • Direct-to-cloud connections simplified Office 365 deployment and enabled AutoNation to move other apps and services out of the data center and into public clouds
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