How you prioritize bandwidth for applications is your business.

Zscaler gives you the control to put business apps first.

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The bandwidth controls and visibility you need, now built into your cloud security platform

Zscaler’s cloud security platform handles all of your users' Internet traffic, enforcing compliance and security policies. It is already ideally positioned to ensure that your web-based and conferencing business apps get priority over users’ personal applications and recreational web surfing. You can tailor granular rules by application class, location and time to ensure that bandwidth allocation is optimized to serve your business needs.

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This (Zscaler) fits quite nicely with our strategy… The offices can get local bandwidth, as much bandwidth as they want and as much direct line of sight to those services as possible. I couldn't achieve that with our older system.
Tony Rimmer, Chief Security Officer at Fugro

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Now you can differentiate between business and recreational traffic

HTTPS has become the standard transport for all applications—sanctioned business apps, shadow IT apps and personal apps. With these applications mingling and moving to the cloud, protocol-based prioritization is ineffective. Traditional bandwidth management products can’t tell the difference between mission-critical business applications and other HTTPS traffic. High-definition streaming traffic can have a dramatic impact on you network—one or several users streaming a football game dominate all available bandwidth, and the performance of mission-critical applications suffers. For effective bandwidth controls, your solution must be able to classify applications and application categories, providing the granular controls you need.

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Ensure business applications are always available and QoS is always met

Create custom policies by location, time of day, and bandwidth class.

By bandwidth class

By location

By time

Zscaler bandwidth control policy overview screenshot

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Identify bandwidth constraints before they impact your business

Limit the impact of streaming media, file sharing, and social networking by setting rules on bandwidth control.

Diagram showing differences before and after implementing Zscaler Bandwidth Control

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  • Because Zscaler sits in the path of inbound and outbound Internet traffic, it is in the perfect place to provide QoS.
  • Get the most from your available bandwidth and minimize abuse.
  • Gain accurate, granular visibility into bandwidth usage.
  • Ensure that your business applications always come first.
  • Enable policies that change based on time of day or location.

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The Zscaler difference

  • The Zscaler cloud architecture enables you to prioritize bandwidth by application classes without deploying any additional hardware.

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Zscaler’s integrated security functions work together in
real time, providing comprehensive protection

Get traffic shaping, bandwidth management, and security at the same time.

Zscaler cloud security platform

Zscaler cloud security platform

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Learn how Zscaler can protect your organization

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