Your users are everywhere. But your sandbox is sitting in the data center.

Get the benefits of sandboxing in a cloud-first world.

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Zscaler turns zero-day threats into zero threats

No matter where your users may be, Zscaler’s cloud security platform is between them and the Internet, examining every byte of traffic. With Zscaler, you can sandbox any suspicious or unknown files in real time, without backhauling traffic to the data center. Just point your Internet traffic to Zscaler—there’s no hardware to buy, no software to upgrade, and no headaches to suffer.

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It seems a single day doesn’t pass without some interesting new botnet emerging in the’s reassuring to know that Zscaler for APTs leverages the depth of its behavioral analysis with the breadth of its Security as a Service platform to deliver a uniquely comprehensive solution.
Tony Ferguson, IT Architect Man Diesel & Turbo
Man diesel & turbo enterprise firewall review for Zscaler

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Get the benefit of sandboxing for all users in all locations—without deploying anything, anywhere

Sandboxing, a behavioral analysis technique that has become popular recently, allows you to detonate suspicious or unknown files in a virtual environment to determine if they are malicious before they get to your users. Sandboxes are typically confined to the data center because they are expensive and difficult to run at scale. And, like any single product, no matter how well a sandbox works, it only reveals a limited number of threats.

Zscaler’s cloud platform inspects all internet traffic from all locations for all users, so you don’t need to deploy sandboxes in dozens (or hundreds) of locations. The processing power of Zscaler Cloud Sandbox lets us inspect all unknown or suspicious files. And because we inspect all SSL traffic, the common ploy of hiding behind encryption fails as well. Malicious files are instantly blocked, quarantined, or flagged, based on policy. File types include:

  • Windows executables (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Windows libraries
  • Microsoft Office documents
  • Adobe PDF files and Flash files
  • Java apps and applets
  • Android APK files
  • Screen savers
  • RAR archives
  • ZIP archives
  • More

Sandbox suspicious files inline and block threats in real time

Apply granular policies, including patient zero protection.

Patient zero protection

By file type

By URL category

By user/

By location type

Zscaler cloud sandboxing behavior analysis policy overview

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Zscaler’s cloud-based sandboxes assess a file’s risk level based on multiple factors

Gain a complete picture of what is happening in the sandboxes in real time.

Zscaler’s cloud-based sandboxes assess a file’s risk level based on multiple factors


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  • Because Zscaler is always inline, you can stop devices from getting infected by protecting all users at all locations, on any device.
  • Zscaler is a platform, not a single point product, so you get holistic protection derived from correlation across a number of different security perspectives.
  • Zscaler offers a global solution, so our sandboxes see more suspicious content than any single deployment could. You’ll get the benefit of that visibility.
  • The first time we detect an incident for a single user we propagate protection for all users in near real-time—no single deployment could be updated that fast or that frequently. The Zscaler footprint provides visibility and protection.

The Zscaler difference

  • Enable sandboxing by simply adding the service to your existing Zscaler deployment.

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Zscaler’s integrated security functions work together in real time, providing comprehensive protection

Sandbox suspicious files for all users at all locations, and correlate findings across a complete security platform.

Zscaler cloud security platform

Zscaler cloud security SaaS platform

Learn how Zscaler can protect your organization

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