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Struggling to stop Advanced Threats?
It’s time for a new approach.

Zscaler takes Advanced Threat Protection to a whole new level.

Today’s Advanced Threat Protection is a story of compromise

Hackers exploit appliance limitations

Trusted websites and AWS servers often are not inspected by appliances because it is viewed as “trusted” and inspecting it would overwhelm appliances.

Zero-day protection is stuck in the Data Center'

Sandboxing protection is essential for Advanced threat protection, however today’s solutions are expensive and stuck in the data center. When your users leave the network, your sandbox appliance can’t protect them.

The SSL Challenge: Finding what you can’t see

Most organization compromise on inspecting SSL traffic due to budget and performance limitations. The problem is over half of todays malware is now delivered over encrypted SSL traffic.

Relying on UTM and NGFW appliances to secure internet traffic is costly, results in appliance sprawl, and compromises branch security.
Relying on UTM and NGFW appliances to secure internet traffic is costly, results in appliance sprawl, and compromises branch security.

Full Inline and SSL inspection with unlimited capacity

Zscaler performs full content analysis of every single byte coming and going, and provides unlimited capacity to inspect ALL your traffic, including SSL and trusted content. You can find and stop all the bad stuff like browser exploits, scripts, zero-pixel iframes, cross site scripting and botnet callbacks. Block more threats, and finally inspect everything without compromises!

Zscaler Advanced Threat Protection:
Total protection without compromises

Inline Cloud Sandbox for zero-day and ransomware protection

With an inline cloud sandbox, you can provide full sandbox protection, no matter where you users go, or how they connect to the internet. Get always-on zero-day protection and ransomware protection, and in-depth visibility into the behavior of malware targeting your users. And you can also hold onto file delivery until confirmed sandbox clean.

1.  Malware severity
2.  Finds and stops evasive attempts  
3.  Shows callback behavior  
4.  Tracks infiltration behavior  
5.  Details of files dropped
6.  Playback recording of infection  

Zscaler stops emerging threats faster

Zscaler is the World's Largest Security Cloud in cloud security and processes up to 100 billion requests and 120,000 security updates a day.

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An Integrated Platform with full correlation and visibility

If you can’t understand what your alerts are trying to tell you, what’s the point? The Zscaler admin portal helps you easily correlate and drill down to find botnets, malware and zero-days with a few simple clicks.

Getting started is simple

With Zscaler, there is no hardware deploy or manage. By making Zscaler your next hop to the internet you’ll immediately enjoy increased security and compliance. Turn on the services you need now, and easily add more as your demands grow or as you phase out appliances.


Up-level your security and make Zscaler your next hop to the internet. It is fast to deploy and no infrastructure changes are required.


Remove point products and phase out gateway appliances at your own pace. Reduce cost and management overhead.


Cloud-enable your network. Secure SD-WAN / local internet breakouts, optimize backhauling and deliver a better user experience.

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