Zscaler SSL Inspection

Stop hidden threats at speed and scale


Visibility is the cornerstone of zero trust security

Over 95% of web traffic and 85% of attacks utilize encrypted channels such as TLS/SSL. Appliance-based security solutions can’t inspect this traffic at scale without encountering performance and capacity limitations. The result? Security teams let traffic pass through uninspected—opening their organization up to increased risk.


The cloud native Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange™ enables complete TLS/SSL inspection at scale, without latency. This visibility powers advanced security, dynamic access control, and data protection, ensuring your data stays in and attacks stay out.


Unlimited capacity

Inspect 100% of your users’ TLS/SSL traffic, on or off-network, without performance concerns. Our service elastically scales based on your traffic demands.

Leaner administration

Certificates are uploaded once to the Zscaler cloud and are then available in all 150 data centers worldwide. No more managing certificates individually across all gateways.

Granular policy control

Ensure compliance by excluding encrypted user traffic for website categories such as healthcare or banking.

Enhanced security

Ensure support for the latest AES/GCM and DHE codes for PFS. User data is never stored in the cloud.

Simplified cert management

Use our certificates or bring your own. Use our API to easily rotate your certificates as often as you want.


Embrace the ultimate security stack as a service

Zscaler provides a full security stack as a cloud service to deliver all the in-depth protection you’ll ever need, with full inbound/outbound content analysis and unlimited capacity to inspect all your traffic, including TLS/SSL. Every user, no matter where they connect from—on- or off-network—gets the same protection.

What’s Inside

Zscaler Advanced Threat Protection for zero day and ransomware protection

Wherever your users go and however they connect to the internet, Zscaler's layered, inline, cloud-delivered Advanced Threat Protection capabilities and Zscaler Sandbox offer always-on zero day and ransomware protection with deep visibility into malware behavior. Suspicious files never leave quarantine until they’re confirmed clean.

Zscaler Sandbox lets you:


  • Determine malware severity
  • Find and stop evasion attempts
  • Display callback behavior
  • Track infiltration behavior
  • Detail dropped files
  • Record playback of infection


Harness the power of a globally distributed security cloud

300 billion
Daily transactions processed
500 trillion
Daily signals
Daily threat updates

Enjoy a faster, more secure user experience from the market leader in cloud security

With 150 data centers globally, all mobile users using Zscaler Client Connector get a fast, local connection no matter where they connect.


The Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange elastically scales to your users’ traffic demands, even hard-to-inspect TLS/SSL.


Zscaler processes more than 300 billion transactions and performs over 250,000 unique security updates each day. Any threat detected in our cloud is blocked for every other cloud user within seconds.




Be the first to know when user experience degrades.


Simplify security and reduce costs by phasing out appliances and adding more Zscaler services.


Transform your network security and improve performance with direct internet connections.

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