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Ready for Office 365?
What about your network?

Zscaler for Office 365 helps deliver direct internet connections that transform the way you deliver user connectivity and productivity.

What is the best way to deploy Office 365?

In Microsoft’s Latest Connectivity Guidance, direct internet connections were clearly recommended over ExpressRoute.

Microsoft recommends using direct internet connection to access Office 365. This is the optimal method for performance and cost.

The challenge with direct internet connections

How can you enable direct internet connections at all your office connections and still maintain security? Installing appliances has its challenges.

Installing appliances at all office locations to enable direct internet access is costly and compromises security.

Security costs and compromises leave you exposed

You can’t afford to recreate your security stack everywhere, and multifunction appliances aren’t up to the security and bandwidth tasks.

Appliances will not be able to handle the Office 365 bandwidth that cloud is able to provide.

Office 365 bandwidth demands

Each Office 365 user connection opens up to 20 persistent connections. Your appliances won’t be able to handle the load or scale with user growth.

Appliances for direct internet connections require constant firewall updates. Zscaler makes firewall management easy.

Office 365 needs constant firewall updates

Managing the updates and policies across all your appliances will be too complex. Missing one update can cause Office 365 to become inaccessible.

How Zscaler simplifies deployment

Offices and users directly connect to the Zscaler cloud, and the Zscaler cloud directly peers with the nearest Office 365 data center. Why is this a better deployment?

  • Quick deployment Because there’s no hardware or software to upgrade prior to deployment, you can be up and running in minutes.
  • One-click configuration Automatically configure Office 365 connection requirements with a single click.
  • Bandwidth control Prioritize Office 365 to ensure that business-critical traffic takes precedence over recreational activities.
  • Avoid hardware refreshes The Zscaler cloud has unlimited capacity to scale as your user demands grow. Appliances just can’t compete with that.
Zscaler customers are routed to Office 365, resulting in quick deployment, one-click configuration, bandwidth control, and scalability.

How Zscaler improves user performance


Peering in most major exchange with 1-2ms round trip time


Cloud platform services scale to handle the high number of long-lived connections


Window scaling for faster file downloads


Fast and local DNS and fewer networks hops

Unprecedented Office 365 visibility

Zscaler for Office 365 provides levels of visibility into Office 365 traffic that are not even available from Microsoft.
You can easily understand how Office 365 is being used across your organization.

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