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Office 365 migration and deployment

You can finally stop backhauling Office traffic to the data center

When Microsoft Exchange servers and Office applications were on-premises, you had to backhaul traffic from remote sites and mobile users to the data center. It was the only way to provide off-network connectivity. But now that these services have moved to the cloud in the form of Office 365, backhauling all of your traffic to your data centers no longer makes sense.



Infrastructure upgrade costs

  • 40% higher network utilization can quickly exceed firewall capacity
  • Additional MPLS bandwidth to backhaul traffic

Increased complexity

  • Microsoft recommends no more than 2,000 users behind each public IP address
  • To prioritize traffic, you need to manage IP address ranges and URL changes

Poor user experience

  • Backhauling traffic from branches introduces latency
  • Microsoft recommends 50ms from the client to the application


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Zscaler for Office 365


Office 365 Network Readiness


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Office 365 is all the rage – but is your network ready?


Deploy Office 365 with no impact to your network or your budget

Zscaler delivers a fast and secure user experience for Office 365 without backhauling all of your traffic to the data center and stacking more appliances to handle the increase in connections. Simply forward your traffic via a GRE/IPsec tunnel or Zscaler App for road warriors and Zscaler will automatically identify, prioritize, and route your traffic to the closest data center.

Office 365 traffic now represents 40% of our network traffic. And for the first time, Office 365 has surpassed YouTube.
Antony Poppe, Global Network and Security Manager

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Better Office 365 user experience, faster deployment

Simply point your Internet and Office 365 traffic to the nearest Zscaler data center (there are more than 100 worldwide). There is no hardware to deploy and manage and, since traffic is routed locally, you can reduce your MPLS spend.


  • Better user experience via local breakouts and bandwidth controls
  • Reduces MPLS backhaul costs
  • No hardware deployments and upgrades
  • Rapid one-click configuration
  • IP address and auth/SSL bypass lists
  • Overcomes IP address limitations
  • No network configuration changes

Best Office 365 migration and deployment with Zscaler

Why Zscaler for Office 365 deployment?

Proven deployment model with over 700 customers

Best user experience

  • Fast path to Office 365 via local Internet breakouts
  • Guaranteed bandwidth for Office 365
  • Peering with Microsoft Office 365 in major data centers
  • Faster file downloads with TCP optimizations

Rapid deployment

  • One-click configuration
  • No hardware or software to deploy
  • No infrastructure upgrades required

Impressive value

  • Reduced MPLS spend
  • No forklift upgrades
  • Simplified management

Real-time visibility

  • Immediate visibility into all Internet and Office 365 traffic for all users in all locations


Office 365 Customers

1.2 PB

Office 365 traffic processed per month and growing

46 TB

Office 365 traffic processed per month for one customer


Why Office 365?

The adoption of Microsoft Office 365 is increasing faster than any other cloud application (Source: Okta) for several reasons:


When businesses are looking to upgrade or move to Exchange, it can be a strategic and cost-effective decision to move to Office 365 instead. In addition to business-class email, users get the Office suite, Yammer, SharePoint, Skype for Business, and OneDrive for Business (cloud storage). Office 365 offers cost-effective licensing, while providing a wealth of useful applications.


Microsoft Office 365 includes applications users know, such as Outlook, Word, and Excel, as well as new productivity applications. Businesses get the benefits of a cloud offering and high adoption rates without the cost of training for new apps.


The greatest benefit of cloud technology is that users can access all their files and applications anywhere — all they need is an Internet connection. There’s no need for remote logins, VPN connections, or the old-fashioned methods of emailing files home or taking them via removable media. The cloud simplifies access while eliminating many security risks.


As new application versions are released, Office 365 users get immediate access to them — they can benefit from new functionality without ever having to buy or install upgrades. Office 365 also dramatically simplifies the task of managing licenses for organizations with a few hundred or many thousands of users.

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