Office 365 means more connections and more bandwidth. But it doesn’t have to mean more boxes.

Fast, secure access for Microsoft Office 365—with no added hardware.

Deploy Office 365 without impacting your network or your budget

Zscaler delivers a fast and secure user experience for Office 365 without backhauling all of your traffic to the data center and stacking more appliances to handle the increase in connections. Simply forward your traffic via a GRE/IPsec tunnel or Zscaler App for road warriors and Zscaler will automatically identify, prioritize, and route your traffic to the closest data center.

A cloud-based model proved to be the logical choice to not only meet the security requirement of implementing policies uniformly for mobile staff, but also optimizing the network in the light of a planned move towards Office 365.
Antony Poppe, Global Network and Security Manager

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Office 365 doesn’t sit in your data center, so why are you backhauling all of your traffic there?

When Microsoft Exchange servers and Office applications were on-premises, you had to backhaul traffic from remote sites and mobile users to the data center. It was the only way to provide off-network connectivity. But now that these these services have moved to the cloud in the form of Office 365, backhauling all of your traffic to your data centers no longer makes sense.

When off-net and branch users have to go to the corporate network before going out to the Office 365 cloud, it creates choke points in the corporate perimeter. In addition, since Office 365 comprises a suite of applications, it creates many network connections per user that can quickly exceed the capacity of your firewall and result in the need for forklift upgrades.

Finally, with all Office 365 traffic going to and from the Internet, it’s now competing for bandwidth with other applications, including streaming media. To prioritize Office 365 traffic, you need to continually maintain a list of URLs and IP ranges or purchase expensive traffic shaping and QoS appliances.

Or, you could get Zscaler.

With Zscaler Office 365 deployment eliminates backhauling traffic

Gain fast, secure access to Office 365 without impacting your network

Zscaler connects to Office 365 with local breakouts through its globally distributed security cloud

Zscaler connects to Office 365 with local breakouts through its globally distributed security cloud. There is no need to send Office 365 traffic from the branch over MPLS backhaul to HQ and then out to Office 365. Instead, you can send it directly through the nearest Zscaler node, minimizing latency and improving the user experience. And road warriors can now connect directly to a Zscaler node without the need to create a VPN back into the corporate network.

With Office 365 traffic going through the Zscaler platform, you can enable secure connectivity with granular access control and
QoS—without buying additional hardware or overhauling your corporate network.

Only Zscaler

  • Enables local Internet breakouts for Office 365, thus eliminating the need to pay for expensive backhaul and appliances due to port exhaustion.
  • Identifies Office 365 application traffic with a single click, so you don’t need to create and maintain a bunch of URLs and IP ranges on your firewalls.
  • Prioritizes Office 365 traffic over streaming media and non-business-critical traffic through QoS rules that guarantee bandwidth for Office 365.
  • Provides application group-level and individual app-level visibility and access control for web and non-web Office 365 traffic.
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