Zscaler Private Access: simple, secure remote access to VPCs

Enable authorized users to access specific applications via encrypted,
per-session micro-tunnels created on demand.

ZPA: a revolutionary way to deliver secure remote access to internal apps

With the accelerated adoption of the cloud and the movement of workloads and applications to cloud-hybrid architectures, key corporate assets are just as likely to be in the cloud as private data centers. Users who are now globally distributed in the HQ and branch offices — or, more likely, in a coffee shop around the corner — now need to access these applications in a secure and cost-effective way.

ZPA is disrupting the traditional VPN market, which does not lend itself well to the combined challenge of distributed applications and distributed users. ZPA is a groundbreaking solution, one that brings together the three most important facets of connectivity — security, manageability, and agility — all backed by Zscaler reliability.

Where AWS provides a secure cloud infrastructure, ZPA provides secure access to your cloud applications, thereby securing AWS workloads and ensuring compliance at all times.

Zscaler solves critical business and security challenges

Security: The key advantage of ZPA over traditional VPNs is the additional security that ZPA incorporates. With ZPA, users are given only application access and not network access. Now your VPCs are protected from east-west breaches with the micro-segmentation that is possible with ZPA. No IPs are exposed, thus significantly lowering the attack surface.

Manageability: ZPA is a completely cloud-based service that has no hardware components. There would never be a need to upgrade components, and there’s no need for redundant or site-to-site VPNs. Zscaler Private Access is highly scalable and can seamlessly handle spikes in user traffic without any interruption in service. Finally, even if the applications move within the cloud or data center, there are no complex steps needed to update rules. ZPA’s management portal makes policy changes and other administrative services incredibly easy.

Agility: Deploying ZPA takes a fraction of the time you’d spend deploying hardware-based solutions. If you are moving workloads to the cloud, you can be up and running in hours without painful coordinated cutover periods. You can also reduce the time it takes to migrate workloads to the cloud by leveraging ZPA for connectivity.









Largest security cloud, trusted by the biggest brands

Zscaler is able to offer this revolutionary, cloud-based technology because we were born in the cloud, and all of our development has taken place there, for years.

Equally important, Zscaler understands security. Existing Zscaler customers will get the benefit of best-in-class integrated security functionality for Internet traffic, as well as secure, private access to all internal apps. All from the same Zscaler App your users probably already have.

Zscaler is used by more than 5,000 leading organizations, including 50 of the Fortune 500

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