Prevent Data Exposure with Zero Trust

Deliver unmatched protection across all users, cloud apps, and devices with Zscaler Data Protection

Zscaler Data Protection is a simple yet powerful way to secure all cloud data channels. Zscaler protects all users and devices, wherever they are, while controlling data across all sanctioned and unsanctioned applications.

How it works

Fully integrated data protection across all channels


Secure data in motion

Protect web, SaaS and private app data with CASB/DLP and secure BYOD data with Browser Isolation


Secure endpoint data

Enable secure data across corporate devices with Endpoint DLP


Protect data across email

Secure corporate and personal email data with Email DLP


Protect data at rest

Prevent data oversharing and exposure with CASB/DLP


Protect against misconfigurations

Find and close dangerous misconfigurations with SSPM


Control risky API integrations and extensions

Control SaaS backdoor connections with Third-Party App Security

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Zscaler saves organizations $2.1 million annually

New IDC report highlights the value of Zscaler Data Protection

Solutions Overview

Challenges of securing your data landscape

Cloud and mobility initiatives have distributed your sensitive data across cloud apps and devices—something traditional data center approaches aren’t built to handle.
Securing this new world requires a modern approach that focuses on protecting the three main avenues of data loss: unsanctioned apps, sanctioned apps, and devices.  
Challenges of securing your data landscape
What's Included

How Zscaler secures your sensitive data

Zscaler delivers unified protection across all cloud apps and devices for unmatched data security, all from a high-performance cloud purpose-built for content and TLS/SSL inspection.
With your devices secure across all locations and your data safe from unknown apps and risky cloud activity, Zscaler helps you reduce your risk of data loss and ensure continuous compliance.
How Zscaler secures your sensitive data
Use cases

Complete protection across all use cases

Secure data in motion

Legacy approaches can’t scale TLS/SSL inspection or follow data. CASB Cloud App Control and Inline DLP let you quickly find and block risky cloud apps while ensuring discovery and control of high-value data across all TLS/SSL, on the network or off.


Accidentally sharing sensitive data only takes a few clicks. Easily scan data residing in SaaS and private clouds. Revoke risky sharing that exposes data, and scanning content for malware with sandboxing.


Control dangerous integrations

Do you know what’s connected to your SaaS platforms? With Zscaler AppTotal, find dangerous third-party apps that users have connected to your SaaS platforms. Discover and quickly remediate risks associated with these apps to keep data safe.

Secure endpoint data

You need strong endpoint control to secure devices. With Zscaler Endpoint DLP, secure device data from dangerous lateral movement initiated by users or departing employees. Leverage a unified DLP policy to block Bluetooth, network shares, printing, or removable media.

Stop data loss to BYOD

Close risky gaps introduced by unmanaged devices. Enable a productive experience for BYOD employees or partners while stopping data loss. Stream data as pixels with Browser Isolation to prevent copy, paste, download, and print.

Protect against misconfigurations

Misconfigurations are the leading causes of breaches. Continuously scan SaaS and public clouds for risky settings or compliance violations. Quickly identify dangerous misconfigurations and enable rapid remediation.

Our Platform

Advanced data protection features

Zero configuration data protection

Streamline deployment and operations by using ML to automatically discover all sensitive data leaving your environment.

Advanced data classification

Protect customized data with Exact Data Match (EDM), Indexed Document Match (IDM), and Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

Workflow automation

Enable streamlined data loss investigations across admins, managers, and users with automated workflows.

Microsoft MIP integrations

Find and tag untagged data at rest, and block tagged data in motion, with powerful Zscaler integrations.

UEBA and risk profiling

Dynamically respond to changes in user, device, or threat behaviors to quickly address data risks.

Tenancy restrictions

Restrict access or block sensitive data from personal or other business tenants.

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