Zscaler Announces Intent to Acquire Airgap Networks to extend Zero Trust SASE

Zscaler Data Protection

Comprehensive, unified data protection across all channels

Legacy data protection solutions no longer protect sensitive data distributed across endpoints and cloud applications. A modern, unified approach is required.

Zscaler Data Protection provides a comprehensive, cloud-delivered platform built to safeguard all your sensitive data, everywhere.

The Zscaler Difference

What sets Zscaler Data Protection apart?

Unified data protection platform  Protect data across all channels: Inline DLP, CASB, endpoint, email, workloads, BYOD, and cloud posture

AI-powered data classification
Accelerate deployments and administration with our innovative data discovery approach


Proven Security Service Edge (SSE)
Leverage inline inspection to prevent data loss, joining more than 4,000 enterprise customers


Third-party app discovery
Find risky third-party app integrations into SaaS platforms and close misconfigurations


Streamlined workflow automation
Engage different stakeholders, simplify operations, and accelerate deployment

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The Only Leader in the 2023 Forrester Wave™ for SSPM

See what makes Zscaler the vendor of choice in SaaS security

The Problem

Challenges of securing your data landscape

Cloud and mobility initiatives have distributed sensitive data across cloud apps and devices, but traditional data protection approaches weren’t built to secure data across distributed channels.

Securing this new world requires an approach that can follow all data across all cloud apps, devices, and locations with a simple, modern architecture.

challenges of securing your data
Solution Overview

Deliver complete data protection with Zscaler

The Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange™ is a high-performance SSE cloud that delivers complete data protection by intelligently discovering and securing data across all data channels.

AI-powered Discovery & Classification
ai powered discovery and classification
Easily find sensitive data across all channels

Leverage AI-driven auto-discovery

secure data-in-motion
Secure Data-at-Rest

Solution Details

Powerful AI-driven data visibility

Great data protection starts with complete visibility. Zscaler’s unified platform gives you complete understanding of where all your sensitive data is located and its risky exposure.

ai driven discovery and classification
Key offerings

AI-Driven Data Discovery

Leverage the power of AI to quickly understand risky user data behaviors, right out of the box

Shadow IT

Find risky, unsanctioned, and third-party app integrations across an extensive catalog of 100K+ applications

Microsoft Labeling (MIP/AIP)

Take your document tagging to the next level with integrations that block tagged data inline and update data-at-rest tags

Full protection across all channels

Reduce point products while delivering high-performance inspection.  Zscaler’s cloud-delivered DLP and Browser Isolation follow and secure all sensitive data across the web, email, workloads, private apps, and BYOD endpoints.

Key offerings

Unified Inline DLP

Deliver high-performance, scalable DLP inspection across all channels and locations

Browser Isolation for BYOD

Enable contractors, partners, or employees to securely access data from unmanaged devices

Workflow Automation

Take total control of your data protection program with incident management and user coaching

Security for data in clouds and devices

Deliver comprehensive protection for data at rest in clouds and on endpoints while ensuring your cloud platforms maintain a robust posture against breaches and adversaries.

security for data at rest
Key offerings

Multimode CASB

Control risky data sharing and scan for malware across SaaS data

Endpoint DLP

Secure device data and stop loss to USB, printing, and network shares

SaaS Security Posture Management

Close dangerous misconfigurations in SaaS platforms with SSPM

SaaS Supply Chain Security

Control risky third-party app integrations into SaaS platforms with Zscaler

Advanced Solution Offerings
Automatic data discovery

Streamline deployment and operations by using ML to automatically discover all sensitive data leaving your environment.

Advanced data classification

Protect customized data with Exact Data Match (EDM), Indexed Document Match (IDM), and Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

Workflow automation

Enable streamlined data loss investigations across admins, managers, and users with automated workflows.

Microsoft MIP integrations

Find and tag untagged data at rest, and block tagged data in motion, with powerful Zscaler integrations.

UEBA and risk profiling

Dynamically respond to changes in user, device, or threat behaviors to quickly address data risks.

Tenancy restrictions

Restrict access or block sensitive data from personal or other business tenants.

idc save money data protection
idc save money data protection

Zscaler saves organizations $2.1 million annually

New IDC report highlights the value of Zscaler Data Protection

imapact of true zero trust
imapact of true zero trust

The impact of true zero trust, as told by Zscaler customers

Thousands of successful transformation journeys all began with one foundation.

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Customer Success Stories
csr logo
Manufacturing / 4,000 employees / 170 sites

Zscaler accelerates CSR’s security transformation

Hear from CSR Security Architect Dave Edge on how Zscaler helps reduce risk in an ever expanding threat landscape.

Customer Success Stories
autonation logo
Retail & Wholesale / 21,000+ employees / 360 locations

“When ransomware attacks happen to other companies ... I get worried calls from executives, and it warms my heart to be able to tell them, 'We’re fine.'”

—Ken Athanasiou, VP & CISO, AutoNation

Customer Success Stories
Federal and Government / Serves 700,000+ individuals

“We’ve completely changed the [security] posture of the State of Oklahoma in the last 18 months - Zscaler played a big part.”

—Matt Singleton, CISO, Office of Mgmt. and Enterprise Service, State of Oklahoma

Oklahoma State Capitol
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