Zero Trust Exchange

The one true zero trust platform.

The Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange™ is a cloud native platform that connects and secures users, workloads, and devices over any network from any location.


Unlock the benefits of the Zero Trust Exchange

Reduce business risk
Reduce business risk
Protect against cyberthreats and data loss.
Improve user productivity
Improve user productivity
Provide fast, direct, and secure app access and digital experience monitoring.
Reduce cost and complexity
Reduce cost and complexity
Eliminate management overhead and the cost of point products and appliances.

Today’s security needs go beyond legacy technology

As cyberattacks become more sophisticated and users work from anywhere, the hub-and-spoke networks and perimeter security we once relied on—VPNs and firewalls—fail to provide strong cyber and data protection and deliver poor user experience. Stretching your network like this enables cybercriminals to attack and compromise sensitive data.

How enterprises get compromised: four stages

Transform security with confidence

Minimize attack surface
Minimize attack surface
Prevent unauthorized access by making applications invisible to internet scans and users.
Prevent compromise
Prevent compromise
Inspect all traffic and block risky sites and files.
Eliminate lateral threat movement
Eliminate lateral threat movement
Connect authorized users directly to apps.
Stop data loss
Stop data loss
Automatically identify and protect sensitive information from unauthorized or risky transfer.

The Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange Architecture

The Zero Trust Exchange starts with the premise that no user, workload, or device is inherently trustworthy. The platform first verifies identity and context, applies controls, and enforces policy before brokering a secure connection between a user, workload, or device and an application—over any network, from anywhere.
To fully understand the Zero Trust Exchange, it's useful to break it down into individual building blocks that are executed before any connection is established.

Verify identity and context

Who is connecting?

Verifies the user, device, or workload identity through integrations with third-party identity providers.

What is the access context?

Validates the context of the connection requester, looking at attributes such as role, responsibility, request time, location, and circumstances of the request.

Where is the connection going?

Confirms that the owner has the rights and the destination is known, understood, and contextually categorized for access.

Control risk

Assess risk

Leverages AI to dynamically compute a risk score of the requested access based on factors such as device posture, threats, destination, behavior, and policy.

Prevent compromise

Conducts inline decryption and deep inspection of inbound traffic to identify and block malicious content.

Prevent data loss

Performs inline decryption and deep inspection of outbound traffic to identify sensitive data and prevent exfiltration through inline controls.

Enforce policy

Determines what conditional action to take regarding the requested connection. This action ultimately results in conditional allow or conditional block of the requested access.

Comparing zero trust architecture with next-gen firewall architecture

Firewall-based architecture
Zero trust architecture
Zero attack surface
Firewall/VPNs publish on the internet and can be exploited
Apps aren’t exposed to the internet—what threat actors can’t see, they can’t attack
Connect users to apps, not the network
App access requires network access, greatly increasing the risk of threats moving laterally
Direct connections between users and apps remove all risk associated with accessing your network
Proxy architecture vs. passthrough
Passthrough architecture has limited controls for preventing malware and data loss
Proxy architecture enables full content inspection, including SSL, with connections brokered based on identity and context
Multitenant architecture
Really just VMs of a single tenant in the cloud
Cloud native and multitenant, powered by the world’s largest security cloud

The most comprehensive cloud security platform

The Zero Trust Exchange is a comprehensive, integrated zero trust platform that enables security and network transformation for all users, workloads, and IoT/OT devices.
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Secure Your Users

Empower your people with fast, secure, and reliable access to the internet, SaaS, and private apps.

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Secure Your Workloads

Protect cloud workloads and cloud/SaaS data with zero trust connectivity, segmentation, and posture control.

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Secure Your IoT/OT

Provide zero trust internet access for IoT and OT devices and privileged remote access to OT devices.

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Energy, Oil, Gas & Mining / 27,000+ employees / 550+ facilities

NOV Secures Access for 27,000 Employees Across 60 Countries

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Manufacturing / 12 locations in 7 countries

Baker & Baker Boosts Enterprise Data Security by Nearly 90% with the Zero Trust Exchange

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Transportation Services / 5000+ employees / 14 countries

Careem Capitalizes on a Global Talent Pool Using Zscaler to Power True Work-from-Anywhere

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Entertainment and Hospitality / 2,000 employess

Cache Creek Casino Resort Fast-Tracks Security and Business Modernization with the Zero Trust Exchange

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Operator of the world’s largest security cloud. Universally recognized as the leader in zero trust.

Daily requests—over 20x Google searches
Largest Security Cloud (150 DCs)
Net Promoter Score (Avg. SaaS NPS is 30)
Highly Rated
Security incidents and policy violations per day
Exceptional Cyber Protection
Intelligence signals daily
Global Intelligence
Patents issued or pending
Technology Innovator
of the Fortune 500
2023 Gartner Magic Quadrant for SSE
Market Leader
Member of elite global stock market index
"AA" Rating
Sustainability Leader

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