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What our Latest Glassdoor Award Means to Zscaler


I just learned that Zscaler’s CEO, Jay Chaudhry, has been named one of the Top 100 CEOs by Glassdoor. The award is based on a rating system submitted by employees and, for that reason, above all, I am thrilled for Jay. But I’m not all that surprised.

This company has grown a lot, especially in the last year, but the company’s culture and its values that were defined by Jay more than a dozen years ago continue to inform our practices every day. What I’ve found inspiring about these values is that they are dynamic, helping us grow during changing times while staying true to our corporate ethos.

As it can be said for most companies, these past 15 months have provided a case study in change. There was the rapid switch to remote work, of course, but between March 2020 and now, we also doubled our staff size, welcoming more than 1,500 new employees to the company. And while things were moving fast on multiple levels—especially supporting our customers as they transitioned their employees to remote work—Zscaler leaders paid close attention to our employees—connecting, listening, and learning about how they were feeling. We developed a range of programs to support them, help them engage with others through resource groups, and take breaks for exercise, games, or meditation. And we instituted occasional company-wide days off. 

We have also developed a self-service management microsite with training and skills development in partnership with Coursera and other platforms. This program, Leading at Z, is well underway, helping managers at any stage of their careers enhance their skills and develop new ones. Another program is under development for all Zscaler employees, called Succeeding at Z, to support everyone in their professional growth, so they can achieve their own definition of success.

We’ve learned a lot from employees and we’ve tried to introduce programs and practices that address their concerns about work-life balance, mental and physical health, and the importance of family time and time off, and the benefit of upward mobility. It’s gratifying to see the company’s efforts reflected in employees’ reviews of Jay as the company’s leader.

I’m coming up on my first-year anniversary at Zscaler and, even in this timeframe, I can see a more mature company emerging. It has a lot to do with growth, but I believe it has even more to do with the leadership team, which has always been closely aligned on the vision of building a great and lasting company. Realizing this vision requires the hiring and retention of exceptional people across the company who are excited to be here and are passionate about what we are all trying to achieve on behalf of our customers. 

Though the company is changing, its founding values have never changed. I believe that is why Jay is being recognized now as a top CEO, and why Zscaler will, indeed, become a great and lasting company. Here are those values:

Teamwork: We celebrate together. We openly share information. We move as one. We value serving others over personal prestige. We value humility over ego by showing respect and recognizing the truth in all situations. Humble leadership empowers our employees to speak their mind and innovate. 

Open communication (candor over politics): We have open discussions about what’s right and what’s wrong. Put another way, we don’t enable politics. We value real feedback and relationships built upon honesty and trust. 

Passion (over self-interest): We are fiercely passionate about our work, our company, our colleagues, our customers, and our partners. We put grit over image, that unique combination of passion, courage, and long-term perseverance over innate talent and intelligence.

Innovation: We are driven to not only innovate cloud transformation through our products but to also innovate in our jobs, whether an engineer, marketer, salesperson, or lawyer. 

Customer obsession: We are, above all else, obsessed about our customers’ success. Everything we do is about helping our customers succeed in their business transformation to the cloud. Part of this, too, is valuing results over activity.

Join us!

Zscaler continues to seek people who share these values. Please visit our careers page to learn more.

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