Application Transformation

Digitally transform your business by bringing the applications that power your business processes closer to employees, suppliers, partners, and customers.


Securely connect your users to your cloud, SaaS, and on-premises applications.

Whether your apps are homegrown on-premises, delivered via SaaS, or accessed through the web on a public cloud, the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange gives users seamless, secure access to them all.


With the Zero Trust Exchange, you can eliminate WAN extensions, full-mesh VPNs, and traffic backhauls to the data center—along with risk and complexity. Our platform enables you to take users and applications off the network and ensure zero trust communications, verified by identity and location.


Applications have moved beyond legacy network infrastructure

End deployments of firewalls and VPNs that backhaul traffic to your data center. Adopt a cloud-first platform that connects users with applications without the use of traditional routable networks.

No matter who or what is connecting, whether it be users in branches or applications in public clouds, all communications go directly and securely through the Zero Trust Exchange to any destination, including private applications. There are several reasons behind this much needed shift in priorities.

Application migration

Applications have moved on from on-premises infrastructure. Today, they’re delivered through a variety of methods, including public cloud platforms.

The rise of hybrid work

The distributed workforce is here to stay. Users are connecting from different networks in different locations, and as such, you must secure application access using a platform that can meet this level of demand.

SaaS adoption

Companies are leveraging SaaS applications to drive business productivity, but they may elect to keep some of the apps they’ve built on-premises, as well. It’s paramount to have a platform that can ensure secure access to either.

Application availability

Organizations must ensure their platform can deliver great experiences while keeping users and their apps secure—a loss of productivity can take a heavy toll on bottom lines.

Application security, reimagined
Implement the best cyberprotection

Connect applications to users, workloads, and devices based on identity and location, with consistent security policies over any network, across any location.

Deliver applications to any user, anywhere

Connect users in corporate networks, branch offices, remote offices, and home offices to any application. Apply simple business policy to secure applications and user workload communications.

Drive operational efficiency

Eliminate VPNs, public cloud transit costs, and bespoke networking architectures; and take advantage of broadband connectivity with the cloud-based Zero Trust Exchange.

Deliver superior user experience

Identify and resolve performance issues, regardless of user location or application, using integrated digital experience monitoring.

Use Cases
Woman working on her laptop from a coffee shop

Connect users to applications irrespective of where they’re located or what network they’re connecting from.

Women chatting in a factory facility

Secure all your corporate applications, whether homegrown or SaaS, using the same security policy—configured and managed in one central location.

Bottom to top view of a building and the sky

When you use public clouds to host applications, it is critical to ensure that you secure the entire application lifecycle from build to run with Posture Control, Zscaler's CNAPP solution. In addition, you need to secure the traffic moving to and from them. Zscaler Workload Communications efficiently and seamlessly secures and segments these cloud apps.

Man working on his laptop at a coffee shop

Troubleshoot issues, identify root cause, and track and monitor application-to-user performance.

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Coca Cola production line
Manufacturing / 16,000+ employees / 100+ locations

Coca-Cola Consolidated Empowers Employees to Work from Anywhere with the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange

Financial Services & Insurance / 9,000 employees / 100+ offices

Verisk Increases Modern Workplace Productivity by Reducing Blind Spots with Zscaler Digital Experience

Technology Services / 14,000 employees / 208 cities

NTT Data Provides Fast, Seamless, and Secure Cloud Access for 140K Global Employees with Zscaler

Coca Cola production line
Woman pointing at a screen while presenting
Man and woman staring at a tablet in an office environment
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