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Zscaler Zero
Trust SASE

Secure AI-powered platform for a cloud and mobile-first world

Zscaler Zero Trust SASE builds on the industry’s leading AI-powered security service edge (SSE) platform with a fresh approach to SD-WAN that securely and reliably connects users, locations, and cloud services via the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange™.

Architecture Matters

Zscaler delivers zero trust for all—users, locations, and clouds

Today, users and applications can be anywhere, and the concept of a network perimeter is increasingly irrelevant. Legacy architectures take a network-centric view of security, with users and devices implicitly trusted once they connect to a network.

Zero Trust SASE provides least-privileged access for users, devices, workloads, and business partners in managed offices, eliminating the need for complex and costly network-based security that fails to prevent security breaches.

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The Problem

You can’t build zero trust with traditional SD-WAN

Challenges of traditional SD-WAN
Allows lateral threat movement, which facilitates ransomware attacks
Expands attack surface by extending network to remote sites, clouds, and third parties
Increases complexity by requiring additional firewalls to manage security
Solution Overview
The Zero Trust SASE advantage
Today’s IT infrastructure needs a new approach—built on zero trust principles. By combining the industry’s leading SSE solution with Zero Trust SD-WAN, Zscaler is changing the game for securing today’s workforce.
Zero trust beyond users

Enforce zero trust security for IoT/OT devices, servers, and guests in branches.

Unified security and network access

Implement a single-vendor SASE framework with a simpler, proxy-based architecture.

sonsistent business-policy
Consistent business policy

Reduce risk and complexity by consolidating security policies and administration.

Digital experience monitoring

Gain end-to-end visibility into performance and resolve issues quickly.

The Zscaler Difference
Why Zscaler Zero Trust SASE?
Zero trust security

A zero trust network overlay connects users, devices, workloads, and business partners in managed offices. This eliminates the risk of lateral movement on the network, or via VPN, reducing business risk.

Improved user experience

The Zero Trust Exchange brings security enforcement as close as possible to users across 150+ points of presence worldwide, eliminating unnecessary backhauling while optimizing latency and bandwidth usage.

Reduced cost and complexity

The Zero Trust Exchange eliminates the need for multiple security point products and their capex and opex costs. A more unified security cloud with zero trust connectivity reduces the risks associated with complex legacy architectures.

Proven credibility in SSE

Zscaler is a pioneer and leader in SSE, securing access to SaaS and IaaS/PaaS apps with least-privileged access. Building on this strength, Zscaler SASE brings the benefits of zero trust to managed locations.


Embracing AI-Powered Policy with Zscaler Zero Trust SD-WAN

Solution Details

Secure your workforce

Zscaler Zero Trust SASE secures connections through the Zero Trust Exchange, protecting both managed and unmanaged/BYOD devices.


Secure your locations

Zscaler Zero Trust SD-WAN securely connects your branches, factories, and data centers through the Zero Trust Exchange—without routed overlays or implicit trust.


Secure your workloads

Zscaler Workload Communications securely connects your cloud workloads using the Zero Trust Exchange with built-in cyberthreat and data protection.


Unified security and network access

By combining multiple access use cases with the world’s leading SSE capabilities, Zscaler SASE helps businesses secure, simplify, and transform to support the way we work.

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