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Zscaler Business Analytics

Harness powerful analytics to keep digital experiences and cyber risk on track

We believe better business performance should be powered by better insights. This is why Zscaler calls on its vast amounts of data, some 500 trillion daily signals, to deliver Business Analytics.


Be it keeping employees fully-focused, maintaining helpdesk productivity, or ensuring cyber risk remains in check, Business Analytics cultivates our data to deliver insights that let business better understand and address digital experience and security risk issues, in order to never lose sight of what matters: driving business forward.


Benefits of Business Analytics

happier employees
Happier employees
Resolve digital experience issues fast so workers can focus on work, wherever they are. Root cause is just a glance away for IT.
stronger security for more resilient business
Stronger security for more resilient business
Rapidly move to a proactive security posture by mitigating key risk issues across crucial stages of an attack.
fewer vendors
Fewer vendors
Relax—Zscaler has you covered. There’s no need to purchase and deploy yet another siloed third-party tool.
nothing new to deploy
Nothing new to deploy
Take advantage of your existing Zscaler deployment to gain deep business insights with no new agents, appliances, or APIs.

what's inside

Unique risk insights and remediation guidance with Zscaler Risk360
Unique risk insights and remediation guidance with Zscaler Risk360™

Understand cyber risks, their financial impact, and how to address them with a comprehensive risk quantification and visualization framework.

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Optimize digital experiences with Zscaler Digital Experience™ (ZDX™)
Optimize digital experiences with Zscaler Digital Experience™ (ZDX™)

Keep users productive by rapidly detecting and resolving app, network, and device issues.

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Use cases

Leveraging data for better business

Cyber risk insights

Understand cyber risk—today and over time—in a unified dashboard mapped to key phases of an attack, including weighted risk factors with mitigation guidance as well as top risks driving financial exposure.

board reporting on cyber risk

Simplify cyber risk reporting with one-click, board-ready slides that show cyber risk scores, trends, drivers, and related financial impact.


hybrid workforce monitoring

Hybrid work has increased ticket resolution time by 30%. Detect issues that impact user experience, reduce mean time to resolution, and keep employees productive no matter where they are. 

UCaaS Monitoring

By 2023, 70% of businesses will rely on virtual meetings, according to Metrigy research. Ensure optimal experiences with an integrated view of application, network, and device health as well as the audio, video, and sharing quality of Microsoft Teams and Zoom calls.

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people outside Ciena building
ciena logo main
Telecommunications equipment manufacturer / 50+ locations / 8,600+ employees

ZDX: the starting point for all user network performance issues

“We can pinpoint the root cause 95% of the time.”

—Ed DeGrange, Director, Cybersecurity Operations and Programs, Ciena

Liberty Mutual
Insurance / 45,000+ employees / 900+ locations

Empowering helpdesk teams to resolve network performance issues

“Helpdesk teams resolve user issues easily.”

—Ballard Mattingly, Principal Cybersecurity Engineer, Liberty Mutual Insurance

Careem logo
Transportation services / 5,000+ employees / 14 countries

Capitalizing on a global talent pool using Zscaler to power true work-from-anywhere

"Our mean time to resolve (MTTR) has improved 62% [with ZDX], helping us scale ... while also improving colleague and CSR experiences."

—Peeyush Patel, CIO and CISO, Careem

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Zscaler Digital Experience Data Sheet
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Confidently Approach Your Security Transformation with Digital Experience Monitoring
Confidently Approach Your Security Transformation with Digital Experience Monitoring
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A comprehensive cloud platform eliminates point products and reduces operational overhead.

Zero Trust Exchange platform

Securely connects authorized users, devices, and workloads using business policies

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