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Zscaler Business Analytics

The only SSE platform to deliver AI-powered business analytics across cyber risk, digital experience, and SaaS and workplace usage.

Zscaler Business Analytics leverages 500 trillion daily signals to provide actionable insights that help reduce cyber risk, improve employee digital experience, and optimize SaaS and office space usage.

The Zscaler Difference

What sets Zscaler Business Analytics apart?

The only vendor with enterprise-wide risk quantification

Actionable insights across all four stages of an attack with remediation detail.

The only vendor to provide SaaS and workplace optimization insights

Visibility into SaaS and workplace utilization drives opportunity for cost savings.

End-to-end visibility and root cause analysis from device to app

Intelligently detects anomalies impacting apps, regions, devices, and users, along with root cause.

Powered by 500 trillion daily signals

Zscaler's inline architecture collects actionable insights from rich log data that firewall-based architectures cannot match.

The Problem

Gaining the right insights has been a challenge

Gaining the right insights to guide business is a challenge. Siloed cyber risk tools lack complete visibility, dedicated monitoring platforms are expensive, and interpreting raw data logs is time-consuming. Ultimately, none of these approaches offer sufficient insights for effective decision-making in a distributed workplace.


A modern and unified solution is needed—one that provides:

  • An organization-wide view of cyber risk to help security teams manage security posture
  • End-to-end visibility across endpoint, network, and apps to enable IT and help desk teams to deliver fast digital experiences
  • Actionable insights into SaaS and office space usage to help procurement and office teams maximize cost savings
Solution Overview

Holistic visibility gives you a competitive advantage

Proactive cyber risk

Rapidly move to a more proactive security posture by mitigating key cyber risks across key stages of an attack while strengthening board conversations on cyber risk.

Optimize employee productivity

Resolve digital experiences faster to let your users focus on work.  Addressing root cause issues is now a glance away for IT.

Rightsized SaaS spend

Identify and eliminate unnecessary SaaS spend from unused apps and unclaimed licenses.

Smoother back-to-office journeys

Get the insights needed to better plan how teams and individuals go back to the office with detail on what days workers spend in office vs. hybrid or remote and the top departments coming into office.

Holistic Cyber Risk Quantification

With Risk360, gain a comprehensive risk quantification and visualization framework that ingests real data from your Zscaler environment and external sources to generate insights about potential cyber risks and their estimated financial impact.

Digital Experience Management

With Zscaler Digital Experience, understand the digital experience of your applications and services from your users’ perspective, no matter where they are, which devices they use, or the networks they rely on.

SaaS Application and Workspace Usage Insights

With Zscaler Business Insights, leverage Zscaler’s visibility to gain actionable insights into technology, offices, and people for a more informed digital transformation.

Use cases

Zscaler Business Analytics delivers exceptional capability

Cyber risk insights

Understand cyber risk—today and over time—in a unified dashboard mapped to key phases of an attack, including weighted risk factors with mitigation guidance as well as top risks driving financial exposure.


Hybrid work has increased ticket resolution time by 30%. Detect issues impacting user experience, reduce mean time to resolution, and keep users productive wherever they are.


Gain SaaS usage visibility to reduce SaaS sprawl by eliminating redundant applications and licenses.

UCaaS Monitoring

Understand office usage to maximize workplace usage with the insights to grow as necessary.

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Telecommunications equipment manufacturer / 50+ locations / 8,600+ employees

Improving user experience and doubling meeting participation

“We can pinpoint the root cause 95% of the time.”
—Ed DeGrange, Director, Cybersecurity Operations and Programs, Ciena

Liberty Mutual
Insurance / 45,000+ employees / 900+ locations

Empowering helpdesk teams to resolve network performance issues

“Helpdesk teams resolve user issues easily.”
—Ballard Mattingly, Principal Cybersecurity Engineer, Liberty Mutual Insurance

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Transportation services / 5,000+ employees / 14 countries

Capitalizing on a global talent pool using Zscaler to power true work-from-anywhere

"Our mean time to resolve (MTTR) has improved 62% [with ZDX], helping us scale ... while also improving colleague and CSR experiences."
—Peeyush Patel, CIO and CISO, Careem

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