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Zscaler Resilience

Uninterrupted business continuity for customers, in all scenarios, with the industry’s most resilient security cloud

Zscaler Resilience™ is a complete set of capabilities that ensures uninterrupted business continuity during blackouts, brownouts, or catastrophic black swan events.

why change

Business critical cloud applications require resilient services

Mass adoption of cloud services has accelerated innovation and saved organizations millions. However, increased reliance on cloud resources for mission-critical services means greater concern about possible unexpected outages.

We built the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange™ to be one of the most powerful, resilient cloud solutions on the market. Zscaler Resilience leverages its advanced architecture and operational excellence to offer high availability and serviceability at all times. Our customer-controlled disaster recovery capabilities and robust failover options let you stay operational even during disasters.

Physical or virtual hardware

Robust hardware with sufficient processing capacity and redundancy provides the necessary foundation for high-performance computing.

Cloud software and architecture
Cloud software and architecture

Software development on a robust architecture purposefully designed from the ground up provides differentiation and enables rapid innovation.


Carrier-neutral data centers, internet exchange peering, and sufficient bandwidth allow for uninterrupted connectivity and traffic flow. BGP controls reroute traffic to accommodate contingencies, providing additional flexibility.

Security and compliance

Best-in-class security rooted in the principle of least privilege—a key zero trust tenet—is at the core of the platform, minimizing the attack surface, reducing lateral movement, and preventing compromise and data loss.


In addition to our resilient infrastructure, Zscaler has perfected a set of equally resilient operational processes through our inline security cloud—the world’s largest—over the course of more than a decade. An operational model that complements cloud infrastructure is key to having the most resilient cloud, which is vital in everything from software development to incident management.


Making business continuity a priority

Business continuity with uninterrupted security

Apply critical security policies while granting zero trust access to internet, SaaS, and private apps, even during disasters

Seamless experiences across all failure scenarios

Handle blackouts, brownouts, and catastrophic failures with ease by leveraging the best-in-class architecture and operational excellence of the Zero Trust Exchange

Reduced costs and complexity

Avoid business interruptions and productivity losses caused by a lack of access to critical apps while eliminating the costs of legacy backup infrastructure and on-premises VPNs


Best-in-class cloud resilience from the world’s top-rated and most deployed security service edge (SSE) platform

Our comprehensive set of capabilities is built to handle all failure scenarios

Minor failures

The Zscaler platform routinely handles common minor failures, such as those caused by node failure or software bugs, with little or no end user interaction required.


Effective failover mechanisms—autonomous or manual—can remediate local outages such as those in the data center or unexpected connectivity issues.


Several autonomous failover mechanisms, such as latency-based dynamic service edge selection and customer-controlled data center exclusion, can handle service degradation issues.

Catastrophic events (disasters)

During full cloud outages caused by black swan events, customer-controlled disaster recovery mechanisms handle traffic to the internet and private apps, routing to private service edges and restricting access only to critical apps, respectively.

zscaler resilience

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