The Zscaler Zero Trust
Exchange: Experience the
One True Zero

Secure all user, workload, and device
over any network, anywhere

Can you spot effective zero trust in the wild?

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Powerful transformation for your security and connectivity


greater protection from ransomware than legacy

network security 

Transform security


users secured

Secure your hybrid workforce


faster user experience

accessing SaaS apps

Transform to cloud


reduction in legacy networking and security appliance costs

Modernize infrastructure

The impact of true zero trust, as told by Zscaler customers

Thousands of successful transformation journeys all began with one foundation.

Experience true zero trust and SSE

Eliminate your attack surface and point products. Cut IT costs and complexity. Deliver security at scale.

Find out why the world’s most innovative, agile, and resilient organizations choose the Zero Trust Exchange.

Seven Elements of Highly Successful Zero Trust Architecture

To succeed in today’s hybrid work environment, IT and security teams need to rethink networking and security with a true zero trust architecture. Find out what effective zero trust looks like.


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