How to benefit from the advantages of a modern cloud infrastructure – without compromising security.


Drive digital transformation with cloud security

Realize the full potential of your cloud investments, modernize your infrastructure, and ensure an optimal user experience – securely.

The pressure to digitize in the banking and financial services sector is increasing. The “remote-first” environment has demonstrated the need for flexible, efficient ways of working, even in this complex, highly regulated sector. However, traditional network architectures have become the cause of global organizations’ inability to fully leverage the flexibility and speed enabled by the cloud. Banks and financial institutions have been forced to balance their reliance on business-critical legacy infrastructure with their increasingly critical need for cloud agility.

So, how can organizations accelerate digital transformation?

Drive digital transformation with cloud security
Simplify and secure digital transformation

Simplify and secure digital transformation

Banks have always invested heavily in security, often on-premises. To drive digital transformation, they need to shift away from bringing users to the controls, and instead focus on a zero trust approach, bringing the controls to the users.

Another major hurdle is visibility into encrypted traffic, says Zscaler Field CTO Sudip Banerjee. "[Unless] you're looking at potentially every data packet, you wouldn't know what's flowing through the wire and whether it's good or bad."

In this session with ISMG, our experts—including Lee Dolsen, Chief Architect, APJ at Zscaler—discuss:

  • How enterprises must approach digitization
  • How a zero trust approach can simplify digitization
  • How best to solve the problem of visibility

How digital transformation can help the banking and financial services sector become truly user-centric

The Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange platform ensures that organizations can take full advantage of cloud benefits without disrupting legacy architectures or replacing mission-critical banking and financial services technologies.

Universal access to all applications

Drive safe innovation

With a cloud-native IT infrastructure that ensures secure communications for users, workloads, and devices, banks and financial service organizations can withstand the pressure of increasing regulatory requirements.

Monitor performance

Save costs and reduce complexity

Make VPNs, public cloud transmission costs, and specifically configured network architectures relics of the past, and replace them with simple, secure, cost-effective broadband connectivity.

Deploy access services  in days

Maximize performance and productivity

Apply simple enterprise policies to secure the communications of users and workloads. All policies for branch offices and public cloud locations can be standardized and centrally managed.

Embrace zero trust

Optimize the user experience

With integrated digital experience monitoring, performance fluctuations are detected and eliminated, regardless of the user’s location or application.


We help the banking and financial sector to transform IT and security

In an increasingly digital world it is key that highly regulated sectors not only provide security solutions to protect users but that they also ensure compliance with policies and regulations.

Fast and secure access to cloud resources is the driver for this digital transformation. Zscaler helps the banking and financial services sector to move away from network infrastructure to the cloud, securely, using the principles of zero trust.


Modern Workplace Enablement

Allow employees, partners and customers to securely access applications completely independent of location or device – and enable an outstanding digital experience.

Modern Workplace Enablement

Fast, secure application access from anywhere

Infrastructure Modernization

Simplified branch and cloud connectivity eliminates the need for costly networks with fast and secure direct access to the cloud and secure cloud-to-cloud connections.


Infrastructure Modernization

Simplified branch and cloud connectivity

Security Transformation

Move from legacy security to Zero Trust to prevent cyberthreats, secure data in SaaS applications and public clouds, and prevent data from being exfiltrated.


Security Transformation

Move from legacy security to Zero Trust


The Zscaler cloud-based zero trust architecture accelerates digital transformation

The Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange is a platform built specifically for the cloud that securely connects users, devices, apps, and workloads by using enterprise policies over any network. The platform is fast, secure, and scalable, combining the highest security with an optimal user experience. The Zero Trust Exchange helps reduce business risk, making the cloud a safe place for banking activities.

Zero Trust Exchange Modern Workplace Diagram

Thousands of organizations around the world are realizing their business goals faster with Zscaler

Johnson Controls
Coca Cola
Los Angeles
State of Oklahoma

"To go from where we were, to almost the entire bank working from home within four weeks…people are quite astounded. We’re looking forward now, and I’m appreciative of this partnership. "

Steve Day, Executive for Enterprise Technology

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