Secure Your Hybrid Workforce

Seamless and secure access for your work-from-anywhere needs.


Get fast, secure access to business applications with the world’s most deployed zero trust platform to enable users from anywhere, on any device, while eliminating the risk and complexity of legacy VPNs and firewalls.

The future of work is hybrid
Today’s enterprises need to secure connections, assets, and employees wherever they connect from. IT leaders are challenged to securely enable these hybrid work environments, and businesses must consider new methods of connectivity to ensure success.
Ensure universal access to all apps from any device

Enable secure access to the internet, as well as external and internal apps, from anywhere on any device.

lateral movement
Prevent compromise, lateral movement, and data loss

Enforce business policies that follow the user, unifying security regardless of location.

Deliver complete visibility for increased productivity

Provide better user experiences with proactive network, app, and device performance monitoring.

Use cases

A complete platform to serve your whole organization

Man working on his computer from a lobby

Stop cyberattacks and data loss with AI-powered security and data protection and fast, direct access to the internet and SaaS applications.

Man holding a tablet in a factory wearing yellow vest

Ensure universal zero trust network access (ZTNA) to private apps brokered closest to the user.

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Proactively identify and resolve user issues with increased visibility.

Woman presenting in a board room

Streamline mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures for faster time to value with reduced risk.

Woman holding a tablet and talking in front of employees in a warehouse

Extend secure private application access to third-party vendors, contractors, and suppliers with superior support for BYOD and unmanaged devices without the need for an endpoint agent.

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Modernize and secure remote access for your data center and cloud applications when you replace your legacy VPN with the world’s most deployed ZTNA solution.

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Los Angeles city hall
City of LA
Federal & Government / 50,000 employees / 88 municipalities

Zero trust: powering the transition to hybrid work and beyond

“It’s been extremely important to have a remote work platform that has zero trust security.”

—Ted Ross, CIO, City of L.A.

Energy, Oil, Gas & Mining / 27,000+ employees / 550+ facilities

Digital transformation for work-from-anywhere employees

“[We] enabled secure access to internet and SaaS applications with Zscaler’s Zero Trust Exchange.”

—Alex Philips, CIO, NOV

Transportation Services / 5000+ employees / 14 countries

Powering high-velocity growth to attract global talent

“We can truly hire the best individuals from anywhere and permit them to work anywhere. It’s a big win for our business.”

—Peeyush Patel, CIO and CISO, Careem

Los Angeles city hall
oil rig
Man with phone in hand with woman driving a car in the background
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