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Three Ways Zscaler Protects Organizations from Data Loss

September 30, 2022 - 3 min read

Workato provides a leading automation platform that enables enterprises to quickly and easily integrate the applications they use every day and create workflow automations that save time and boost productivity across their entire organization. Enabling productivity is what we’re all about. It’s not only what we provide to customers, it’s also a core value here in our own organization. Since working with Zscaler, we have furthered our mission to enable productivity and have done so in the most secure way. Here's the story of how our partnership came to be.

In the context of a remote environment, with employees accessing data from everywhere, we were feeling the need to better account for our sensitive data and gain better visibility into what our remote workers were doing. It’s extremely important to us that the remote experience is secure, with no risk of data loss or exfiltration across cloud applications. We approached Zscaler with that goal in mind, intending to apply what we learned about protecting our own data and help our customers do the same in their organizations. The result has been nothing short of fantastic. When it comes to protecting sensitive data in the cloud, Zscaler fit the bill perfectly. Here is how Zscaler helped our organization optimize data protection. 

1. Improved visibility into what employees are doing with company data

Since deploying the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange at Workato, we can peel back and inspect both unencrypted and SSL-encrypted traffic for sensitive content at rest across the entire remote environment, including cloud applications such as Salesforce and Google Workspace. By utilizing the Zscaler Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policy rules, we can automatically detect and block sensitive data from leaving the organization and trigger a notification to our internal auditor if there is an attempt to do so. This allows us to enforce better control policies.

2. Valuable coaching of employees to become better stewards of company data

When there is an incident that triggers the DLP rule, it’s important that our employees know why the attempt was blocked. However, the best data protection programs need a thoughtful approach. Through integration with our Workato automation platform, we provide valuable coaching and feedback within the tools the employee is using every day, such as Slack or Google Workspace. This automated process allows the employee to provide justification as to why they’re attempting to share sensitive data. Through recurrent coaching, the employee learns to become a better steward of company data, without sacrificing productivity along the way. Additionally, these integrated workflows help streamline incident response times when issues do arise. 

3. Automation of the data protection process for other organizations

Because the Zscaler integration has worked so well for us internally, we’re now offering it to others as well. We’re thrilled to be able to deliver this transformative zero trust protection to our customer’s organizations, helping them to easily control data resting in cloud applications, enforce control policies, and provide thoughtful coaching to their employees through robust data protection programs. Zscaler was the perfect partner to help us achieve all this. 

Zscaler has allowed us to expand the capabilities of our platform and provide assurance to our internal teams and our customers that the sensitive data used in their cloud workflows is secure. 

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