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Zscaler Posture Control (CNAPP) now supports Oracle Cloud Infrastructure


Today, nearly all organizations have adopted multicloud environments such as Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to optimize their business operations and accelerate growth. But managing security risks in a complex multicloud environment is far different than on-premises security architectures. Organizations often address security challenges by continuously adding security tools and point solutions to their infrastructure. This increases the burden on security teams as they need to manage consistent security across the multicloud infrastructure with disparate tools with distinct features, interfaces, and functions, often operating in silos with limited resources and budgets. As a result, many business-critical risks go undetected and unresolved for days or weeks. 

Given this, organizations need a single unified platform that integrates with the multiple CSP’s cloud-native services they have already invested in to minimize integration friction and maximize their value. This empowers them to manage consistent security and experience across all their clouds. 


Stronger Together: Zscaler Posture Control and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) 

As part of our commitment to secure multicloud environments and support a broad and varied ecosystem, we are excited to announce Zscaler Posture Control, a cloud native application protection platform, supporting Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Organizations can now include Oracle Cloud in their multicloud security management with a unified platform and secure digital acceleration of applications and workloads. The support for OCI is an important milestone that will enable organizations to maintain a strong security posture by monitoring OCI and multicloud environments, identifying problems, and fixing them. 



Fig 1: Posture Control OCI dashboard


Proactive and secure OCI with Posture Control

With Posture Control, organizations can address security challenges and meet the OCI security demands at scale. ZPC offers broader security coverage, in-depth visibility, and control across OCI services including VMs, OKE, Developer Tools (ODT), Containers, Vault, data storage, and more with agentless deployment. ZPC enables seamless, effective, and efficient security operations. It reduces the toil of repetitive tasks that plague security teams, like aggregating and correlating security data to gain a more complete understanding of risks and where to focus. 



Fig 2: Posture Control dashboard featuring OCI Asset categories 


Fully integrated security includes the following benefits: 

  • An agentless architecture for visibility and agility: Gain complete visibility and control across OCI resources, data, and identities, and streamline security without slowdowns and management headaches.
  • Advanced correlation and ML: Automatically consolidate findings, speed up investigations, and reduce MTTR with actionable insights to minimize gaps and uncover hidden risks.
  • Governance and compliance: Streamline alignment with compliance requirements and remediate violations from established security policies and protocols.
  • Rapid threat detection: Identify damaging threats, malicious activities, and anomalies across the entire cloud native stack to minimize the risk of business disruption and data breaches. 
  • Streamlined security operations: Integrate ZPC with different tools, services, and workflow and get best practice recommendations, unified notifications, and remediation guidance to help respective stakeholders take action against risk and threats. 



Fig 3: Posture Control dashboard featuring CIS OCI foundation benchmark


Optimize your OCI security investment with Posture Control

In today's economy, organizations and security teams are trying to do more with less with limited budgets and resources. ZPC helps to optimize the return on investment by consolidating the security stack as it combines the power of CSPM, CIEM, IaC, and much more. By bringing these capabilities together, security teams can get rid of siloed point products and more accurately correlate hidden risks caused by the combination of misconfigurations, threats, and vulnerabilities across the entire cloud stack. Moreover, it also helps security teams to address the shortage of security talent by automating repetitive security tasks, correlating risk, and helping non-experts to secure OCI assets without highly specialized domain knowledge or deep tools expertise. It gives security and cross-functional teams a highly accurate view and remediation guidance on what truly needs to be remediated, rather than just a dashboard of signatures and control changes. 

In a nutshell, ZPC can help organizations: get in-depth visibility into OCI and multicloud environments, detect threats, speed up response and remediation, mitigate data exposure risks, ensure complete application lifecycle security, and strengthen policy compliance. 



Fig 4: Posture Control OCI audit and remediation



Security teams can rapidly deploy the Zscaler Posture Control 100% agentless solution in minutes and extend their multicloud protection to include OCI. If you are an existing ZPC customer and using OCI, please refer step by step guidance to onboard your OCI accounts. 


Want to try it? 

We encourage you to see how ZPC operates with a free security risk assessment of your OCI and multicloud environments. This complimentary assessment will deliver a comprehensive overview of misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, compliance violations, anomalies, or hidden threats within your multicloud footprint.


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