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Zscaler Safe Shopping Now Available For Google Chrome

May 26, 2011 - 2 min read
The number of fake online stores displaying downloadable software at a steep discount remains high. It can be hard to distinguish these sites from legitimate online stores. Therefore, I had previously released Zscaler Safe Shopping for Firefox and Firefox mobile to warn users when they are visiting such sites. The extension is now available for Google Chrome. This extension also flags compromised stores, legitimate sites that are under the full control of malicious hackers.
Get Zscaler Safe Shopping from the Chrome web store
Zscaler Safe Shopping warning

When a user access a fake or compromised store, the extension displays a warning at the top of the page. It warns the users to not enter any sensitive information such as a credit card number which might be used illegally.
Zscaler Safe Shopping warning for a fake store


The list of fake and compromised domains is updated regularly. You can choose how often the latest version should be downloaded in the options. You can also choose to explicitly allow domains to prevent any warning from being displayed.
Zscaler Safe Shopping options

This is my first extension for Google Chrome. Let me know if you find any issues. It has been tested with Google Chrome 11.0.696.68 on Windows.

You can download the extension directly from the Chrome Web Store. Don't forget to rate the extension if you like it!

-- Julien
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