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What makes Zscaler a great place to work?

October 15, 2019 - 3 min read

Zscaler was born around a dining room table by our founder and a small, select team of technologists, and it’s grown into a company of more than 1,500 people worldwide. We’ve experienced a lot of excitement and a few growing pains in our 10-year hyper-growth state.

To stay focused on the factors that have allowed us to grow—our culture and values—we prioritize hiring people who embody those values, have passion for our mission and their role in it, and who want to make a difference. Our leadership team models Zscaler values, believing they are the foundation for scaling a high-performing culture. I’m proud of what we’ve all built together, and I love our employees’ passion for what they do and where they work. It’s all become evident in our most recent accomplishment: Great Place to Work certification. 

What makes Zscaler a great place to work? It goes back to our values. Of course, every company around the Valley has values. You can read them on a poster in the cafeteria at some companies or on a slide during new-hire training. Living them, however, is an entirely different proposition. I’m proud to share that 94 percent of Zscaler employees believe that “our executives fully embody the best characteristics of the company,” and I can tell you that all of our employees do the same. You can see our values in the way our people work together, pursue our shared goals, and serve customers.


Zscaler values

Customer obsession: We are, above all else, obsessed about our customers’ success. Everything we do is about helping our customers succeed in their business transformation to the cloud. Part of this, too, is valuing results over activity.

Teamwork: We celebrate together. We openly share information. We move as one. We value serving others over personal prestige. We value humility over ego by showing respect and recognizing the truth in all situations. Humble leadership empowers our employees to speak their mind and innovate. 

Open communications (candor over politics): We have open discussions about what’s right and what’s wrong. Put another way, we don’t enable politics. We value real feedback and relationships built upon honesty and trust. 

Passion (over self-interest): We are fiercely passionate about our work, our company, our colleagues, our customers, and our partners. We put grit over image, that unique combination of passion, courage, and long-term perseverance over innate talent and intelligence.

Innovation: We are driven to not only innovate cloud transformation through our products but to also innovate in our jobs, whether an engineer, marketer, salesperson, or lawyer. 

Zscaler is a place of career transformation. I know that I’m biased as Head of People and Culture, so check out our Glassdoor ratings, read the Zscaler page on the Great Place to Work site, and then find the role that’s right for you, because Zscaler is hiring!

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Greg Pappas is the Zscaler Chief People Officer


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