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WIZE Speaker Series Spotlight: Tami Booth


Our internal employee resource group Women in Zscaler Engage (WIZE) has had the privilege of inviting powerful women in technology to speak to our group about their personal career journeys while also providing valuable advice on how to succeed as a woman in tech.

The latest session in our WIZE Speaker Series, aptly titled “Growing and Leading with Authenticity,” featured Tami Booth, Vice President, Global Alliances and Leader of Women in Action at Dell Technologies. Tami detailed her career path and shared anecdotes about instances where she had to stand up for herself and her team, lead with confidence and empathy, and show up as her authentic self in both personal and professional situations.

She also emphasized the importance of building rapport and trust with colleagues. “So how to grow and lead with authenticity, well, it’s about gaining trust,” she said. “And without trust—no matter if it’s in your work or personal life—things will not come together, either at all, or to meet the company needs.”

Some topics that were discussed in the Q&A session revolved around common challenges we see not only for women in tech, but women in all industries, including imposter syndrome, navigating difficult conversations, earning and maintaining respect among male colleagues and superiors, and advocating for fair and equal pay.

Tami’s mantra, “be graceful, have humility, and always be the only ONE you in the world,” resonated with our group, because not only did it remind us to be kind to ourselves and our colleagues, it reminded us that we each have our own unique strengths and experience to bring to our roles every day.

She closed out her session with challenging the group to ask difficult questions and be self-aware. “I shared a lot of my background of stories with you here today for two reasons: to show you ways you will always learn and ways you will evolve,” she said. “And really the most important thing with these stories, is ways to reflect and help you grow to that next level. What are those things you need to overcome? And who can help you also reflect?”

So as I reflect on this amazing session, I want to ask you all: how are you going to bring your best, authentic self to work tomorrow?

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