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Zscaler + Cisco

Fast, secure internet and app access from branch and remote locations

Combining the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange with Cisco SD-WAN delivers a complete SAS solution that simplifies how traffic is routed from branch offices.


Performance and security impact on cloud migration

To support cloud transitions and deliver a fast user experience, network architects are redesigning their WAN architectures to route internet traffic locally and leverage inexpensive broadband services, often with software-defined WAN. However, connecting all branch locations directly to the internet introduces significant security risks that can quickly overtax limited IT resources.


Zscaler and Cisco SD-WAN: enabling secure SASE for enterprise organizations

Fast user experience

Enable a fast, secure user experience while optimizing application traffic and flow. Simply route internet traffic locally to Zscaler from Cisco SD-WAN routers in your branches.

Lower costs, simplify branch IT

Simplify traffic routing, optimize performance, and reduce MPLS costs by leveraging multiple network connection types and delivering the entire security stack as a service. Eliminate the need to buy, deploy, and manage gateway appliances or VMs for every branch.

Stronger security

Protect your users with policies that follow them wherever they go, ensuring identical security anywhere they connect. Define and enforce security and access policies across all locations from a single console, and deploy new security services with just a few clicks.


Simple and secure internet and application access: Zscaler + Cisco SD-WAN


SD-WAN transforms branch office networking, reducing MPLS costs and optimizing performance. However, reliable SD-WAN security is critical for broad adoption, especially for cloud and internet applications. With Zscaler and Cisco SD-WAN, you can secure all internet traffic without backhauling over MPLS to centralized data centers. Cisco SD-WAN and Zscaler are transforming SD-WAN together.


Centralized management makes it easy to define and apply Zscaler security and business policies across hundreds or thousands of sites in the Cisco SD-WAN vManage interface.


Cisco SD-WAN with Zscaler supports API integration for creating IPsec tunnels. Configure up to four active HA pairs to connect to a primary and secondary Zscaler point of presence. Automated Layer 7 health checks ensure 99.9% uptime and availability and will automatically select a new secondary backup if an outage occurs.

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