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Zscaler Streamlines Cloud Application Security with Single Sign-On Offerings

San Jose, California, January, 29, 2013

Zscaler®, the leading provider of Security Cloud services for the mobile, social, everywhere enterprise, today announced the availability of pre-integrated “single sign-on” offerings from leading online identity management providers including RSA, Okta, OneLogin, and Ping Identity. Zscaler is the first security cloud provider to integrate SSO offerings into its service.

Single sign-on (SSO) offers users the ability to use a variety of password-protected online applications and web sites without having to log in repeatedly, allowing enterprise customers to simplify their web application and security deployments, and give users a more seamless experience.

“Safely enabling the use of cloud-based applications and social media control can challenge even the most sophisticated organizations,” said Punit Minocha, vice president of business development at Zscaler. “By combining Zscaler’s Security Cloud with solutions from our identity partners, enterprises can accelerate user protections and productivity control of their cloud applications, social media, and mobile devices.”

For more information on Zscaler’s SSO partner offerings visit:

Zscaler’s Security Cloud is used by large enterprises to secure users doing business beyond the static perimeter of the traditional corporate network on mobile devices, cloud applications and social media. With the new partnerships, those customers can now quickly turn on pre-integrated options from any of Zscaler’s SSO partners. The identity security companies partnering with Zscaler use security assertion mark-up language (SAML), an open standard data format that enables SSO while protecting user privacy.

“Zscaler and RSA have partnered to offer a compelling combination of access management and web security,” said Nirav Mehta, director of product management, Identity and Data Protection of RSA. “We are pleased to be continuing our collaboration and have worked with Zscaler to integrate RSA Adaptive Federation seamlessly with the Zscaler cloud using the SAML standard. RSA’s strong two-factor SecurID authentication combined with federated SSO using RSA Adaptive Federation is designed to provide a robust security solution to large enterprises accustomed to RSA’s rich history in security product innovation.”

Zscaler and RSA will host a webinar on the topic of access management and web security. For more details and to register visit:

"Okta and Zscaler have worked together to enables organizations to securely scale cloud adoption and address the challenges of today's cloud, mobile and increasingly interconnected world head-on," said Frederic Kerrest, COO of Okta. "Our joint customers realize that identity is central to how work gets done in a business environment that's more complex than ever. With our integration, they're able to easily connect with all the applications, devices and people necessary so they can focus on getting work done, instead of navigating IT."

“We're excited to be partnering with Zscaler," said Thomas Pedersen, CEO at OneLogin. "Our Onelogin for Zscaler Free Plan is now available to all Zscaler customers and includes free setup and support, multiple directory integration, SAML-based single sign-on, our native iPad App and our OneLogin Mobile OTP App with Push. The combination of OneLogin and Zscaler means that customers can instantly deploy Zscaler across their enterprise leveraging their existing directory infrastructure, without having to embark on a complex directory integration project."

“Ping Identity and Zscaler share a passion for simple-to-use enterprise security tools,” said Mike Desai, Ping Identity senior director, Worldwide PingPartner Network. “Ping Identity’s enterprise-grade identity and access management platform gives Zscaler Security Cloud customers secure single sign-on solutions that support workforce and customer access requirements across any application or device.”

Zscaler customers can choose from the Zscaler SAML providers and achieve the following benefits:

  • Immediate integration for full support and compatibility between the Zscaler Security Cloud and the chosen identity provider;
  • User level accountability and monitoring with the same credentials as the organization uses for internal applications (via Active Directory);
  • Free licenses for Okta, OneLogin and Ping offerings for each seat of the Zscaler service enabled; and
  • RSA customers can utilize Zscaler and the RSA SSO offering with their existing investment around RSA SecurID authentication.

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