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Despite your investments, legacy network security solutions continue to expose the business to risk. This is frustrating. We built a free, private, and safe to use toolkit to help you uncover areas of exposure within your environment.

Analyze your environment to see where you could be exposed.

Internet Threat Exposure Analysis

Discover how your security stacks up vs. common gaps.

This tool instantly scans your security stack for gaps often missed and provides a security preview. It is safe to use, and runs within your browser. It won't introduce malware, and doesn't access your data or change settings.

Internet Threat Exposure Analysis

Internet Attack Surface Analysis

Discover what resources they can see.

Cyber criminals exploit services that are exposed to the Internet. This tool will uncover the servers, namespaces, vulnerabilities and cloud instances that are currently visible to the Internet by querying public sources.

Internet Threat Exposure Analysis

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