Zscaler Announces Intent to Acquire Airgap Networks to extend Zero Trust SASE

Security and Risk Assessment: Test Your Defenses

Find out if your users and data are exposed to cyberthreats


Recognize your vulnerability to common attack tactics and get meaningful recommendations on how to improve your security posture.

These tools are fast, easy to run in your browser, and completely safe—they won’t introduce malware, access your data, or change settings.

Ransomware Risk Assessment

See how your security measures up against ransomware-specific intrusion, lateral movement, and exfiltration methods.

Internet Threat Exposure Analysis

Instantly scan your defenses against common intrusion and exfiltration methods.

Internet Attack Surface Analysis

Find out which of your environment’s servers, namespaces, vulnerabilities, and cloud instances are freely visible to attackers on the internet.

Our Platform

Experience the power of the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange

A comprehensive cloud platform eliminates point products and reduces operational overhead.

Our Platform

Securely connect authorized users, devices, and workloads using business policies

Man working from home on his laptop
Man working from home on his laptop

Zero trust is critical to stop today’s sophisticated attacks.

Discover how Zscaler can help you improve your protection and reduce risk.

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