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Zscaler Ransomware Protection

Network Engineers and Security Engineers

Course Summary

This course explores the evolution and mechanics of ransomware attacks, emphasizing the significant financial and operational damage they pose to organizations. It covers Zscaler's Cybersecurity Services Suite, focusing on tools like Cloud Firewall, Advanced Threat Protection, and TLS/SSL inspection to combat ransomware effectively.

Learning Outcomes

In this course, you will:

Dive into what ransomware is, how it has evolved over time, and its impact on businesses and institutions
Gain insights into the stages of a ransomware attack, from initial infiltration to execution
Explore the functionalities of Zscaler's suite of tools and how they effectively combat ransomware
Learn through practical scenarios how to identify and mitigate potential ransomware threats using Zscaler's advanced security services
Understand strategies and best practices for ransomware prevention and response, focusing on proactive measures and rapid detection

Course Outline


What Is Ransomware?

How to Stop Ransomware Attacks

TLS Inspection

Advanced Threat Protection

Intrusion Detection & Prevention

Antivirus/Malware Protection

Cloud Sandbox

URL Filtering

Browser Isolation

Detection & Response

Private Access AppProtection

Zscaler Deception 

Data Protection

Module Wrap-Up

Hands-On Lab Details


  • Zscaler for Users - Essentials (EDU-200) Learning Path.
  • Completion of Zscaler Ransomware Protection (EDU-250) eLearning


Develop the hands-on skills and knowledge you need to fully utilize Zscaler security solutions and defend your organization against ransomware attacks.


6 hours

Completion criteria

Pass the Self-Guided Lab Quiz

Available language(s)


Lab Outline

Configure secure access to the internet

Reduce risk by isolating potentially malicious websites

Inspect unknown files through Advanced Cloud Sandbox

Enforce safe internet and SaaS application access using content filtering & access control

Prevent data loss

Extend zero trust with deception-based active defense

Certificate Exam Details


  • Completion of Zscaler Ransomware Protection (EDU-250) Hands-On Lab
  • Pass the Self-Guided Lab Quiz


45 minutes

Test format

20 multiple choice and multiple response questions

Available language(s)


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