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Introducing New Partner Certifications and Learning Formats!

June 22, 2021 - 3 min read

Introducing New Partner Certifications

Zscaler is pleased to announce new pre-sales certifications featuring all-new content and interactive learning opportunities. These courses were specifically designed to give partners the chance to roll up their sleeves and uncover new ways to grow their business with Zscaler. At Zscaler, we believe our partners are crucial to our success. We recognize we must work in conjunction with our partners to spread the word about the possibilities of adopting a zero trust security model. 

Zscaler Certified Associate (ZCA)

Zscaler Certified Associate overviews the goals and vision of Zscaler, including what we do, the value we offer customers, and our mission for future network and security transformation. Partners will learn how Zscaler is uniquely positioned to disrupt the status quo of hub-and-spoke network security and how to join us on the incredible journey. 

ZCA serves as a prerequisite for both the Zscaler Certified Sales Professional (ZCSP) and the Zscaler Certified Sales Engineer (ZCSE) certifications and replaces the existing Zscaler Certified Sales Specialist (ZCSS) certification.

Zscaler Certified Sales Professional (ZCSP)

Zscaler Certified Sales Professional is designed to familiarize partner sellers with how to best position Zscaler as the market’s leading network and cloud security solution. In this certification, partners will learn how to identify and qualify opportunities as well as the technical integrations we have in place to help you position Zscaler as part of a holistic solution. Partners will also dive into the four core product areas for the Zero Trust Exchange platform. The new ZCSP certification is valid for two years upon completion.

Zscaler Certified Sales Engineer (ZCSE) 

This certification is built for those in pre-sales technical roles, specifically designed to get participants up to speed on how to best showcase Zscaler’s technical value and differentiation. In this certification, partners will take a deep dive into Zscaler’s core product offerings to understand the key capabilities of the zero trust platform and how customers can realize the benefits in their unique environments. Participants will also catch a glimpse into a security administrator’s experience, including policies, reporting tools, technical integrations, and the end-user experience. The new ZCSE certification is valid for two years upon completion.

What are the Benefits of Becoming Zscaler Certified?

Zscaler certifications are designed to arm partners with the most up-to-date information about our products, strategies, and thought leadership so they can effectively communicate the value of our end-to-end zero trust security platform. 

By becoming Zscaler certified, partners will increase their credibility with customers by helping them accelerate their highest priority IT initiatives, all while reducing cost and simplifying their environments. With Zscaler, partners can expect to expand their book of business by providing the holistic and integrated solution packages their customers want and need.

If you are a partner looking to enroll in Zscaler Training & Certifications, log in to our Partner Portal at and click on the Enablement tab.

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