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Zscaler Digital Experience Just Got Smarter and Wiser


Businesses rely on technology to keep employees productive - organizations with 250+ employees use more than 100 SaaS apps, and todays’ end users expect flawless digital experiences when interacting with customer support, placing orders, or using online services. 


IT teams are the bedrock of these businesses, keeping their technology running smoothly. They must ensure that all networks, applications, and services - even those that they don't control - are always on and reliable.


To this end, Zscaler is excited to introduce three new advancements that will significantly help IT teams improve efficiency, visibility, and collaboration across IT operations, service desk, and security teams.


  • Copilot is an AI Assistant that leverages cutting-edge generative AI to answer all your app, network, and device performance questions, and offer domain-specific expertise.
  • Hosted Monitoring enables you to continuously monitor applications and services from Zscaler-hosted, globally distributed locations to help you ensure that no customer or employee suffers from poor digital experiences.
  • Data Explorer enables you to easily build and share customized reports that visually correlate data drawn from diverse datasets for uses ranging from troubleshooting to demonstrating IT’s impact on business performance.


To learn more about these innovations, read on and watch the launch webinar where we dive deeper into these capabilities, why they are important for IT and security teams, and how you can use them.



Introducing ZDX Copilot: Your AI-powered Assistant


Unlike endpoint and network monitoring tools, Zscaler Digital Experience (ZDX) gathers performance metrics from 500T daily signals, and 390B daily transactions, across end user devices, networks, and applications. This simplifies your monitoring stack with a consolidated view and makes it easier to detect and fix performance issues.


IT teams have to grapple with vast amounts of performance data across devices, networks, and applications. So, in May 2023, we introduced AI-powered problem detection and root cause analysis to help them accurately detect performance anomalies that can impact digital experience and make it significantly easier to isolate root cause of issues, fix them quickly, and put employees back to work faster. 


Today, ZDX Copilot takes us a step farther. 


ZDX Copilot, your AI assistant, unlocks productivity for IT teams by empowering them to get the information they need using a simple sequence of questions.


ZDX Copilot Answering Questions



Teams across IT and security benefit from using Copilot:

Service desk teams

Networking teams

Security teams

IT leaders

can isolate root cause of user complaints to efficiently triage tickets and collaborate with other teams; they can also easily look up technical information

can conversationally perform deep analysis across networks, applications, and regions to identify trends or find opportunities for optimization


can ensure that their services are performing at all times as well as instantly expose root cause of issues and affected parties when performance lags

can conveniently extract and present digital experience trends and performance insights to show progress or identify new opportunities


ZDX Copilot is versatile and can be used in many ways:

Copilot assists with knowledge, insights, analysis and configuration

IT employees across functions can upskill themselves, automate tasks, draw digital experience insights, and perform deep analysis.



Continuously Monitor Customer-Facing and Business-Critical Web Applications with the All-New Hosted Monitoring

Earlier this year, Microsoft had connectivity issues impacting Azure, Teams, Outlook, and SharePoint for 90 minutes. Square had a DNS configuration issue, and its customers were unable to process transactions for more than 18 hours. You have likely heard about these outages, but these are only two of many more that happened. 


ISP, cloud service, and SaaS issues can have an enormous impact on employee productivity, customer experiences, and business performance. This is why it’s important to extend our monitoring strategy to all ISPs, applications, and services that our employees and customers across all locations rely on to connect to our business and customer-facing applications. 


With Zscaler Digital Experience Hosted Monitoring, you can monitor applications, such as an eCommerce website, from every region your customers are in.


The Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange is distributed across more than 150 data centers on six continents, which enables users to access services securely from any device, any location, over any network. You can now continuously monitor performance of your business-critical and customer-facing applications and services from several of these locations.



Monitor applications from several global locations



With continuous monitoring, you can: 


  • Ensure that your external websites perform at their best, no matter where you customers are located
  • Monitor SLA compliance for applications and services you purchase from SaaS, cloud, datacenter, or network providers
  • Confidently roll out new applications or expand into new regions as your business grows, whether organically or through M&A


To learn more about how you can maximize your impact using hosted monitoring, review this eBook



Analyze Your Data Your Way with Data Explorer

Finally, ZDX has made it incredibly easy to gather trends and insights that are relevant to you, your team, and your business. With the new Data Explorer you simply select your applications, pick the metrics that you’d like to analyze, choose how to organize and manipulate your data, and pick the widgets using which you can visualize the results.



Custom insights using Data Explorer



Data Explorer provides value for engineers and managers in the following ways: 


  • Engineers can troubleshoot problems by comparing similar services or applications to expose differences and anomalies across time
  • Managers and leaders can analyze trends that show how their team achieves their KPIs or to uncover areas for optimization



How to Unlock These Capabilities

ZDX Copilot and Hosted Monitoring are available with ZDX Advanced Plus, while Data Explorer is available with ZDX Advanced and ZDX Advanced Plus. 


For a closer look at the various versions of ZDX, please review this comparison.



Your Next Steps

With these new advancements, ZDX provides richer network and app telemetry, helping everyone in IT  perform their tasks with maximum efficiency. Copilot, Hosted Monitoring, and Data Explorer give IT teams instant access to massive knowledge repositories using GenAI, so team members can upskill themselves and work collaboratively with speed and accuracy.

To learn more about these innovations, watch our webinar, or request a demo.

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