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Zscaler Partners with Microsoft to Secure LTE ARM Devices


It's a well-known fact that Zscaler delivers security, agility, and scalability for progressive enterprises seeking to preserve business continuity. 

Today, Zscaler Client Connector seamlessly connects millions of endpoints natively to Zscaler cloud security services. 

We have Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, and Android support, and now we are partnering with Microsoft to secure ARM devices from ZCC 4.0 Windows and beyond. Why is this a big deal? 


Zscaler further strengthens its partnership with Microsoft by securing ARM-based LTE devices. 

ARM devices such as Surface Pro and Lenovo Thinkpad have become mainstream enterprise devices, and With a built-in LTE capability, they have become the future of the remote workforce.  Zscaler Client Connector supports Windows 10 and Windows 11 ARM-based devices. There are three different types of ARM devices that we can secure: 

1. Pure ARM devices - these powerful, lightweight devices provide a smartphone experience with PC performance. It fits perfectly with the Zscaler road warriors' use case to provide C-level executives, sales teams, and factory workers who are on the go with Wi-Fi support. 

2. An ARM with LTE support is a game changer. There are construction sites, O&G sites, and many manufacturing industries where the employee might not have Wi-Fi access and don't want the burden of carrying another hotspot device. Zscaler Client Connector is the industry's first solution to support ARM-based LTE devices. We already have more than 50 happy beta customers and are looking forward to a more significant adoption in upcoming quarters. 

3. ARM Desktop is Microsoft's latest addition with NPU (neural processing units); in other words, these stacked desktops could be computing NASA images or sitting on your desktop to process ML algorithms. Fun fact: the entire device is built from recycled ocean plastic!

Zscaler Client Connector will provide fast and secure connectivity, ensuring a similar user experience to an ARM Desktop application.

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