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Zscaler Analyst Scrapbook

June 10, 2011 - 1 min read
ImageIntroducing our sister blog: Zscaler Analyst Scrapbook

Very often while we're conducting log analysis across our cloud in order to add security protections (signatures, black listing, reputation scoring, etc.) we find interesting scraps of information. While this information may not be interesting to the masses - it may help those working in security operations centers (SOCs) or other roles to add similar protections for their users. will remain our primary blog with polished posts focused on security research and "new" threats, while the blog will be reserved for quick mini-posts, focusing on things that we uncover during our daily data mining and analytics. The hope is that by sharing this additional information, others in the security community can use this information to better protect themselves and their users. We encourage feedback from our readers on work that they may be doing on similar topics so that we can publicly collaborate on emerging threats. Welcome!
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