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Top 5 Requirements for Your Next Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) Solution

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Data security posture management (DSPM) is currently trending, but what are the true benefits of a DSPM solution and why does your organization need it?


DSPM provides visibility to where your sensitive data is, who has access to that data, how it has been used, and what the security posture of the data is. By discovering, identifying, and classifying potential risks and vulnerabilities, DSPM helps contextualize your cloud data, allowing you to protect it more efficiently.


When considering a DSPM solution, it is important for organizations to align and prioritize with their overall data protection goals. However, with any emerging technology, how do you separate what’s needed from the glitz and glam?


This guide provides key requirements and questions to consider while selecting a DSPM solution that’s right for your organization. Download the guide to learn:  

  • What’s driving the need for a comprehensive DSPM solution   
  • How DSPM can benefit your organization   
  • Top five requirements to look for in a DSPM solution   
  • Key questions to ask your next solution provider