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Press Release

Zscaler Unveils Powerful Cloud Security for Mobile Devices

Sunnyvale, California, February, 14, 2011

Zscaler, Inc., the leader in cloud security, today unveiled Zscaler MobileTM , which brings Zscaler’s award-winning security to mobile devices. Zscaler Mobile adds a uniform way to secure the mobile experience for small to large organizations. In tandem with Zscaler’s existing Web and email cloud security services, Zscaler Mobile enforces the same policy for users wherever they go, across all their devices. The new solution ensures protection for leading smartphones and tablets including iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Attacks targeted at mobile devices are rising rapidly as the line between personal and business usage is getting blurred. “Employees want to bring their iPads to work,” said Jim Reavis, Executive Director and Co-founder of Cloud Security Alliance. “These devices run the gamut of applications, from Facebook, YouTube, Pandora, to enterprise apps like email and salesforce automation. With Zscaler Mobile, employees can now use their iPads for work, without risk from malware and threats.”

Extending Cloud Security to Mobile Devices

Zscaler launched its cloud-delivered, web security service in 2008 and is now protecting millions of users in 140 countries. Over a billion web transactions from customers ranging from G2000 enterprises to governments to SMBs are secured by Zscaler daily. Zscaler Mobile leverages this proven infrastructure to extend protection to mobile devices. Key features include:

  • Uniform policy for users: Zscaler allows IT administrators to define a uniform policy for any user and have it seamlessly enforced regardless of the device the user is connecting with. Administrators no longer have to deal with multiple point products to secure PCs, smartphones and tablets.
  • Global footprint for near-zero latency: With over 40 strategically located data centers worldwide, Zscaler minimizes latency associated with inspecting traffic in the cloud.
  • No extra software to install on mobile devices: Unlike other mobile security vendors that require platform-specific apps to be installed on every device, Zscaler Mobile works seamlessly across mobile platforms, including iPhones, iPads, and Android devices.
  • Up-to-date 24x7 mobile security: Zscaler Mobile requires no signature updates and provides real-time inspection in the cloud for every web transaction, regardless of whether it came from a browser or from an app installed on the device.
  • No degradation of device performance: Zscaler Mobile runs in the cloud and has no impact on device performance, battery life, or processing resources.
  • Centralized reporting and administration: Zscaler provides real-time logs and reports for any user, from any location, on any device, at any time.

“Zscaler Mobile introduces a paradigm shift in mobile security,” said Jay Chaudhry, CEO, Zscaler. “Enforcement in the cloud, as compared to just another app on the phone, sets Zscaler apart. Under Zscaler’s security umbrella, CIO’s and CISO’s can enable their business with new smart devices to improve business productivity.”

Zscaler’s unique solution enforces policy in the cloud, not on the device. This means all network content is scanned, both user traffic and app traffic, to ensure that all malicious content is blocked in the cloud – long before it reaches the mobile device, or the corporate network.

About Zscaler

Zscaler (NASDAQ: ZS) accelerates digital transformation so customers can be more agile, efficient, resilient, and secure. The Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange™ platform protects thousands of customers from cyberattacks and data loss by securely connecting users, devices, and applications in any location. Distributed across more than 150 data centers globally, the SSE-based Zero Trust Exchange™ is the world’s largest in-line cloud security platform.

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