IT incidents happen. Zscaler Digital Experience™ (ZDX) makes it easy to find and fix them.

Secure all user, workload, and device communications over any network, anywhere

Why Zscaler Digital Experience?

Your users expect fast, seamless digital experiences. We help you deliver them.

Measuring and improving digital experiences in a cloud and hybrid workforce world requires a unified view of application, CloudPath, and endpoint performance metrics. Zscaler Digital Experience is a cloud native service, part of the world’s largest security cloud that analyzes, troubleshoots, and resolves user experience issues.

Gartner Market Guide for Digital Experience Monitoring

Gartner predicts that by 2026, "at least 60% of I&O leaders will use DEM to measure application, services and endpoint performance from the user’s viewpoint, up from less than 20% in 2021." Read the Gartner guide for deeper analysis and strategic recommendations.

Digital Experience Score

Gain deeper insight into user experiences with a consistent scoring framework built on top of the application, network, and endpoint metrics. ZDX distills performance metrics down to a concise and easily understood score of digital experiences.

Application Monitoring

Continuously monitor, troubleshoot, and fix SaaS, web, and private application performance from the end user perspective.

CloudPath Analytics

Measure and analyze hop-by-hop network path metrics from every user device to the application. Proactively detect and resolve end user connectivity issues to cloud applications.

Endpoint Monitoring

Gain insight into endpoint device health and performance and improve your service desk team’s efficiency in triaging complex endpoint issues.

Enrich the collaboration experiences of users

UCaaS Monitoring

Gain insights and troubleshoot performance issues with Microsoft Teams and Zoom meetings faster.

Drive IT teams’ efficiency and productivity through an integrated view of the application, network, and user device health telemetry data combined with audio, video call quality, and sharing quality of service from Microsoft Teams and Zoom services, all in one place.

Quick Setup

Seamless integration with your existing Zscaler technology

ZDX is an integrated service on top of the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange. Instrumentation starts at Zscaler Client Connector, a unified agent for cloud security, zero-trust application access, and digital experience monitoring. As a result, setup is frictionless and quick—there is no need to deploy new hardware, software agents, or probes.


Learn how Zscaler helped Kelly overcome the visibility gap with ZDX

Join Robb Wilber, Director, Global Networks and Telecom at Kelly, and Javier Rodriguez, Director of Product Management at Zscaler, for this exclusive Zscaler Digital Experience (ZDX) product release overview and hear how Kelly implemented it in their organization.

Watch the webinar

Trusted by enterprise leaders to secure their digital transformation while delivering great digital experiences


“We view Zscaler Digital Experience as a critical service in enabling a productive work-from-anywhere experience. We were lucky to solve 25% of user issues in the past. Now, ZDX is the starting point for
resolving all of our user experience issues, and we can pinpoint the root cause 95% of the time.”

- Ed De Grange, Director, Cybersecurity Operations and Programs, Ciena


“Leveraging the Zscaler cloud infrastructure and native integrations with ZIA and ZPA gave us the best data insights into your end-users.”

- John Dawes, Director of Enterprise Architecture, Reckitt Benckiser

Liberty Mutual

“ZDX helped us identify the root cause of long-term performance issues and our helpdesk teams were able to resolve user issues easily.”

- Ballard Mattingly, Principal Cybersecurity Engineer, Liberty Mutual Insurance


Customer Videos

Ciena and ZDX:

Monitoring at scale and powering faster mean time to resolution of user experience issues

Reckitt Benckiser and ZDX:

The power of the platform combined with visibility into end-user experiences

Liberty Mutual and ZDX:

Empowering helpdesk teams to resolve network performance issues

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Learn How Zscaler Helped Kelly Overcome the Visibility Gap with ZDX