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Cyberthreat Protection

Network engineers and security engineers

Course Summary

This course is designed to introduce you to cybersecurity basics and the Zscaler Cyberthreat Protection suite. You’ll learn to define cybersecurity, explain its importance, identify the different types of cyberthreats, describe how to protect yourself from cyberattacks, and demonstrate good cybersecurity practices.

If you’re new to Zscaler, we recommend starting with our Zscaler for Users series first.



Learning Outcomes
Describe the Zscaler security layers
Explore Zscaler security features, including Threat Protection, Browser Isolation, and Sandbox
Describe how Zscaler Deception can be used to proactively detect threats by deploying decoys

Course Outline

Zscaler security solution


TLS inspection


Antivirus/Malware protection


Advanced threat protection


Detection and response


Browser isolation

  • Isolate risky internet content
  • Isolate risky users and devices
  • Boost user and admin productivity
  • Integration with ZIA
  • Isolation feature set

Cloud sandbox

  • Cloud sandbox workflow
  • AI-driven quarantine effect
  • Advanced sandbox file types
  • Intelligent patient zero protection
  • Malware behavior visibility
  • MITRE ATT&CK reporting

Content filtering

  • Safely enable web access - URL filtering and isolation
  • Advanced use cases with URL filtering
  • Protection via content type policy



Basic Troubleshooting Tools and Support

  • Various support channels: knowledge base, Zenith Community
  • When/How to raise tickets to Zscaler Support
  • Basic troubleshooting

Hands-On Lab Details


Cyberthreat Protection self paced e-learning course


Practice what you learned in training using our remote lab. You’ll configure secure internet access, isolate risky websites, inspect unknown files with Zscaler Sandbox, enforce safe access to web and SaaS apps using content filtering and access control, and extend zero trust with deception-based active defense.


240 minutes


Self-paced hands-on lab

Completion criteria

Complete all hands-on labs

Available language(s)


Price per seat

US$600 (2 credits)

Certificate Exam Details


Cyberthreat Protection hands-on labs


45 minutes

Test format

21 multiple-choice questions

Available language(s)


Price per attempt

US$300 (1 credit)