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NCR Embraces Zero Trust to Drive Business InitiativesWith Zscaler

Zero Trust App Access Stop Cyberattacks Accelerate M&A Integration


  • Company: NCR
  • Industry: High Tech
  • HQ: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  • Size: 34,000+ employees in 160 countries


NCR is the world’s enterprise technology leader for restaurants, retailers, and banks. As the #1 POS software provider for retail and hospitality, and the #1 provider of multivendor ATM software, NCR creates software, hardware, and services that run the enterprise from back office to the front end.


Enhance security capabilities, reduce costs, and increase flexibility for the business through cloud vs. on-premises solutions


  • Frictionlessly replaces centralized egress infrastructure and physical devices

  • Provides flexibility and an enhanced end user experience

  • Allows immediate global adoption of new security capabilities

  • Eliminates management of physical security infrastructure

  • Enables zero trust in M&A without compromising security

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NCR embraces zero trust to drive business initiatives


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