Zscaler Data Protection Recognized as a 2023 Product of the Year by CRN


Secure Internet and SaaS Access

AI-powered protection for all users, web/SaaS apps, and devices

Zscaler Internet Access™ (ZIA™) defines safe, fast internet and SaaS access as part of the industry’s most comprehensive cloud native zero trust platform. 


Today’s distributed enterprise faces new challenges

preventing cyberattacks
Preventing cyberattacks
Sophisticated threats start by compromising users and devices. With users and devices everywhere, current security approaches are not working. A new approach is needed.
Preventing data loss
Preventing data loss
With data distributed everywhere, it’s easier than ever to lose data to attackers or insiders. A holistic approach to data protection is needed.

Achieve the security and seamless access you need with true zero trust.

All user, workload, and device connections to SaaS and the internet go through the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange™, which acts as a switchboard, prevents compromise, stops data loss, and eliminates the need for an outbound DMZ.
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Secure your hybrid workforce

Prevent compromise
Prevent compromise
Minimize attack surface and stop compromise with AI-powered advanced threat protection informed by the world’s largest security cloud.
Prevent data loss
Prevent data loss
Safeguard your data across all channels—internet, cloud, endpoints, email, SaaS, and private apps—with zero-configuration data protection.
Reduce cost and complexity
Reduce cost and complexity
Eliminate costly, complex networks with fast, secure, direct-to-internet and SaaS access that removes the need for edge and branch firewalls.

Zscaler Internet Access

Zero trust access to internet and SaaS applications is provided by first verifying the identity and context (who, what, where) of the access request. After dynamically computing a risk score, Zscaler inspects traffic inline to protect against cyberthreats and data loss before establishing connectivity to the internet or SaaS apps. ZIA secures users as well as workloads and IoT/OT devices as they access the internet or SaaS destinations.
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What’s Inside

Get complete coverage with best-in-class cyberthreat protection, data protection, and access control

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Integrated cyber protection, data protection, and access control services leverage the Zero Trust Exchange platform and ecosystem.

Cyber Protection

Advanced cyber protection capabilities built on a platform with centralized policy and reporting engines eliminate the need for point products.

Advanced threat protection

Prevent compromise with AI-powered protection that eliminates ransomware, malware, and other advanced attacks.

AI-powered phishing detection

Detect and prevent compromise from patient zero phishing pages with advanced AI-based inline detection from the Zscaler SWG.

Dynamic, risk-based policy

Stop active attacks and future-proof your defenses with continuous analysis of user, device, app, and content risk.

Intrusion prevention system (IPS)

Get complete protection against botnets, advanced threats, and zero days alongside contextual information about the user, app, and threat from Zscaler IPS.


Thwart never-before-seen malware inline with shared protections sourced from more than 300 billion daily transactions and 300 trillion signals, including quarantine of zero-day threats, with Zscaler Sandbox.

AI-powered browser isolation

Make web-based attacks obsolete and prevent data loss by creating a virtual air gap between users, the web and SaaS, and streaming web content as view-only pixels—avoiding exchange of data or malware—with Zscaler Isolation, now powered by AI.


Detect and block viruses with signature-based detection and protection capabilities.


Prevent compromise while boosting user productivity by applying web content or user risk score-based policies to automatically isolate sessions and stop malicious threats.

Data Protection

Holistic zero-configuration data protection across all channels eliminates the need for point data protection solutions.

Cloud access security broker (CASB)

Secure cloud apps with integrated CASB to protect data, stop threats, and ensure compliance across your SaaS and IaaS environments with the Zscaler CASB.


Prevent sensitive data loss to the internet across all users and SSL traffic, on- and off-network.

Email DLP

Get granular data control over email content and attachments across corporate and personal email.

Endpoint protection

Secure endpoint data, control removable media, and prevent BYOD data loss.

Advanced data classification

Protect customized data with Exact Data Match (EDM), Indexed Document Match (EDM), and Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

Workflow automation

Enable streamlined data loss investigations across admins, managers, and users with automated workflows.

SaaS security posture management

Find and close dangerous misconfigurations in SaaS apps.


Eliminate the risk of sensitive data loss through vulnerable users and infected endpoints by allowing secure access to sanctioned SaaS apps through integrated browser isolation.

Access Control

Provide fast connectivity to distributed resources through a comprehensive set of access control services built on the Zero Trust Exchange.

URL Filtering

Ensure your users browse web apps safely by stopping sophisticated threats—like phishing and ransomware—and applying acceptable use policy with the Zscaler SWG.


Enable fast, secure on- and off-network connections and local internet breakouts for user traffic across all ports and protocols, without any hardware or software to manage, with Zscaler Firewall.

Bandwidth QoS

Gain insight into bandwidth usage and tailor policies to prioritize business applications over other traffic, including streaming media and social media.


Detect and block known and unknown DNS tunnels to prevent access to malicious domains. Apply granular DNS policy based on user, app, and location.

Tenancy restrictions

Enforce blocking based on SaaS tenant to ensure users are using approved corporate accounts and not leaking data to their private accounts.

Adaptive access

Dynamically control access based on device and user posture and applications being accessed. Enforce policies to isolate, block, or caution based on changes in posture.

Use cases


ZIA - Use cases - Security - Secure web gateway replacement

Embrace the web and SaaS confidently with the cloud native, AI-powered Zscaler SWG.

ZIA - Use cases - Security - Superior cyber protection

Prevent compromise by sophisticated threats like ransomware, phishing, supply chain attacks, and more with full TLS/SSL inspection and a comprehensive suite of AI-powered cyberthreat protection services.

ZIA - Use cases - Security - Robust data protection

Safeguard sensitive data and protect SaaS apps with integrated Cloud DLP and CASB.

Zero trust connectivity

ZIA - Use cases - Zero Trust Connectivity - Local breakouts

Ensure the best user experience with local breakouts to the internet and SaaS apps like Microsoft 365 and Teams.

ZIA - Use cases - Zero Trust Connectivity - Zero Trust SD-WAN

Easily migrate from hub-and-spoke to cloud-enabled architecture by enabling secure local internet breakouts for your branch offices through Zscaler and our SD-WAN partners.

ZIA - Use cases - Zero Trust Connectivity - Secure Workload

Prevent compromise and stop data loss from workload-to-internet communications without the need for virtual firewalls or legacy proxies.

ZIA - Use cases - Zero Trust Connectivity - Secure IoT/OT

Enable secure IoT/OT-to-internet connectivity that prevents compromise, stops data loss, and halts lateral movement.

IoT Device Visibility

Provide comprehensive visibility with automatic AI/ML classification of all IoT devices, servers, and unmanaged user devices across your business.

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Building Products Manufacturer / 4,000 employees / 170 sites

Zscaler accelerates CSR’s security transformation

Hear from CSR Security Architect Dave Edge about how Zscaler helps reduce risk in an ever-expanding threat landscape.

Federal & Government / 34,000 employees / 90+ agencies

State of Oklahoma implements zero trust to strengthen security while maintaining productivity

“We’ve completely changed the cybersecurity posture of the State of Oklahoma in the last 18 months-Zscaler played a big part in that.”

—Matt Singleton, CISO, Office of Management and Enterprise Services, State of Oklahoma

Retail & Wholesale / 21,000 employees / 360 locations

AutoNation stops ransomware attacks and gains peace of mind

“When ransomware attacks happen to other companies, thousands of systems in their environment are crippled, in addition to having serious impacts with having to pay a ransom. When this kind of event hits the news, I get worried calls from executives, and it warms my heart to tell them, ‘We’re fine.’”

—Ken Athanasiou, VIP & CISO, AutoNation

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Oklahoma State Capitol
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A comprehensive cloud platform eliminates point products and reduces operational overhead.
Zero Trust Exchange platform

Securely connect authorized users, devices, and workloads using business policies

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