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Secure Internet and SaaS Access

AI-powered protection for all users, all devices, all web and SaaS apps, all locations

Zscaler Internet Access™ is the world’s leading secure web gateway (SWG), delivering cloud native, AI-powered cyberthreat protection and zero trust access to the internet and SaaS apps

Why It’s Important

Transform your architecture from firewalls to zero trust

Enterprises worldwide have spent billions on firewalls, yet breaches are increasing. The problem is simple: traditional firewall-centric architectures are no longer effective against cyberthreats.

Built on the principle of least privilege, Zscaler’s proxy architecture enables full TLS/SSL inspection at scale, with connections brokered between users and applications based on identity, context, and business policies.

Transform your architecture from firewalls to zero trust
The Zscaler Difference

What sets Zscaler Internet Access apart?

SSL/TLS inspection
Cloud native and multitenant

Stop advanced threats with full TLS/SSL inspection at cloud scale and lightning speed.

Delivered at the edge
Delivered at the edge

Stop backhauling traffic—Zscaler applies consistent policies and security controls from more than 150 global data centers, close to every user and office.

Built for zero trust
Built for zero trust

Move from IP-centric to identity-centric, context-aware access policies, supporting a robust, dynamic zero trust strategy.

AI-powered inline security
AI-powered inline security

Deliver unmatched defense-in-depth against advanced cyberthreats leveraging data from the world’s largest security cloud.

The Solution
Zscaler creates business value for 40% of the Fortune 500
Cyberthreat and ransomware protection
Cyberthreat and ransomware protection

Minimize the attack surface, stop compromise, eliminate lateral movement, and prevent data loss with the world’s most comprehensive cyberthreat protection solution.

Lower cost and complexity
Lower cost and complexity

Eliminate costly, complex networks with fast, secure, direct-to-cloud access that removes the need for edge and branch firewalls.

Data protection
Data protection

Avoid the cost and disruption of data loss from users, SaaS apps, and public cloud infrastructure due to accidental exposure, theft, or double extortion ransomware.

A secure hybrid workforce
A secure hybrid workforce

Empower employees, partners, customers, and suppliers to securely access web applications and cloud services from anywhere, on any device—and ensure a great digital experience.

How It Works

Cyberthreat Protection

Zscaler Internet Access inspects all traffic at scale (including TLS/SSL), and uses a unique single scan, multi-action mechanism to apply layered, inline, AI-powered security controls and stop threats without disrupting user productivity.

Cyberthreat Protection
Key offerings

Secure Web Gateway (SWG)

Deliver a safe, fast web experience that detects and prevents ransomware, malware, and other advanced attacks with real-time, AI-powered analysis and URL filtering from the perennial leader in Gartner Magic Quadrants for SWG and SSE.


Get complete protection against botnets, advanced threats, and zero days alongside contextual user, app, and threat intel from Zscaler IPS.

Advanced Threat Protection

Stop advanced cyberthreats with built-in protections against botnets, command-and-control traffic, risky peer-to-peer sharing, malicious active content, cross-site scripting, fraud sites, and more.

DNS Security

Filter risky and malicious domains and stop the use of DNS tunneling to transfer of malicious payloads and sensitive data with Zscaler Firewall.

AI-Powered Phishing Detection

Know when patient zero phishing attacks are attempting to infiltrate your business with advanced AI-based inline detection from the Zscaler SWG.

AI-Powered Sandbox

Stop never-before-seen malware inline with shared protections sourced from more than 300 billion daily transactions and 500 trillion signals, including zero day threat quarantine, with Zscaler Sandbox.

Dynamic Risk-Based Policy

Stop active attacks and future-proof your defenses with continuous user, device, app, analysis and content risk fueling dynamic security and access policy.

AI-Powered Browser Isolation

Create a virtual air gap between users and risky web/SaaS content with Zscaler Browser Isolation.

Data Protection

Zscaler secures data both in motion and at rest, eliminating vulnerabilities and inspecting outgoing traffic to stop data loss.

Data protection
Key offerings

Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

Secure cloud apps, protect data, stop threats, and ensure compliance across your SaaS and IaaS environments with integrated protection from the Zscaler CASB.

Cloud Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Protect data in motion with full inline inspection, including Exact Data Match (EDM), Indexed Document Matching (IDM), and machine learning with Zscaler DLP.

Zero Trust Connectivity

Zscaler Internet Access enables secure and seamless internet and SaaS app access from all locations, applying dynamic global policies that account for identity, content, context, and posture while delivering an optimal end user experience.

Zero Trust Networking
Key offerings

URL Filtering

Ensure safe web app browsing sessions for your users by stopping sophisticated threats—like phishing and ransomware—and applying acceptable use policy with the Zscaler SWG.

Cloud Firewall

Enable fast, secure on- and off-network connections and local internet breakouts for user traffic across all ports and protocols, without any hardware or software updates to manage, with Zscaler Firewall.

Cloud App Control

Set granular access and use policies over cloud-based applications whether users are on- or off-network.

Seamless integration into your SOC workflows
Seamless integration into your SOC workflows

Seamless integration into your SOC workflows

Understand and remediate cybersecurity incidents with full MITRE ATT&CK mapping, forensically complete logging, and rich integrations with leading SIEM, SOAR, XDR, and other security tools in your environment.

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Customer Success Stories
CSR logo
Building Products Manufacturer / 4,000 employees / 170 sites

Zscaler accelerates CSR’s security transformation

Hear from CSR Security Architect Dave Edge about how Zscaler helps reduce risk in an ever-expanding threat landscape.

Customer Success Stories
Oklahoma logo
Federal & Government / 34,000 employees / 90+ agencies

State of Oklahoma implements zero trust to strengthen security while maintaining productivity

“We’ve completely changed the cybersecurity posture of the State of Oklahoma in the last 18 months-Zscaler played a big part in that.”

—Matt Singleton, CISO, Office of Mgmt. and Enterprise Services, State of Oklahoma

Customer Success Stories
Autonation logo
Retail & Wholesale / 21,000 employees / 360 locations

AutoNation stops ransomware attacks and gains peace of mind

“When ransomware attacks happen to other companies, thousands of systems in their environment are crippled, in addition to having serious impacts with having to pay a ransom. When this kind of event hits the news, I get worried calls from executives, and it warms my heart to tell them, ‘We’re fine.’”

—Ken Athanasiou, VP & CISO, AutoNation

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Oklahoma State Capitol
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